Blogging, Emails and Etiquette

  I admit to being a new food blogger and I admit that I am an avid commenter of food blogs I love to read and find stimulating.  I hope that the blog owners appreciate my comments: I don’t make a comment when a post is uninteresting or un-appealing, therefore my comments are either always positive or there is a question involved regarding the contents of that post.  A relative question I believe. ...more

Avoiding "Mama Drama," the etiquette of playgroups

For the past four years, I have actively participated in Meetup playgroups, Yahoo groups, and local boards, all in the name of socializing with other parents of young children so the kids and I do not go stir crazy ...more

Job Candidates Are Mad As Hell And They Aren't Going To Take It Anymore

Just when you think people care could care less about the stuff that Emily Post and Miss Manners care about--that thing called good manners -- a situation bubbles up that makes you pause. Turns out people who are looking for a job still care about manners particularly when it involves the behavior of corporate executives who interview job applicants and then never get back to them. ...more

I'm guessing the more people there are in the world, most of which have a degree, the less ...more

Who to buy a gift for on Mother's Day?

Whom should you acknowledge and how? Answers to our readers' Mother's Day questions should help you navigate this somewhat tricky holiday. MY BEST FRIEND Q: My BFF's baby shower was last month and I bought her an EXTREMELY over-the-top gift.  She had a beautiful baby girl, and this is her first official Mother's Day.  Do I have to buy her ANOTHER gift? ...more

Umbrella Etiquette: The Tilt

“The Tilt” a mating dance guided by umbrellas minus the copulation plus the fury of rain drops a rare form of beauty amid the chaos of bodies, of street noise avoid an eye pang all is clear- just tilt. Pardon my infantile poem, but on behalf of our favorite fourth month, I would like to join the celebration of National Poetry Month. ...more

Review: Why Manners Matter by Lucinda Holdforth

The Case for Civilised Behaviour in a Barbarous World  Lucinda Holdforth has a good point we don’t want to miss: not only does more attention to general civility go a long way in alleviating the stresses of modern life, but a civil society is something to be proud of.   ...more

Show Your Gratitude: Thank You Notes In Words and Pictures

I am definitely sending thank-you notes this year. I'm not in the most organically grateful state at the moment. My school experience ended in a less than joyful way. Money is super-tight. We had to plan a reunion for 120 people today that required a lot of effort from my dad's side of the family, all while we are coping with the worst stressor, that my little grandma's health has taken a sudden, serious turn for the worse since Thanksgiving. ...more

Laurie, thanks for including our digital thank you card project in your post.  We had so much ...more

Manners Matter: Teaching Kids How To Act at the Table

So, let's just cut right to the chase here.  I'm the mother of four children, three of whom are elementary-aged boys.  If I'm qualified to write a post on the subject of table manners, it's because I'm in the thick of the battle, not because I have it figured out.  It's a work in progress.  There's a learning curve.  There are days when our dinners are lovely and polite, and there are days when I wonder if we should just eat in the garage. ...more

" "parenting to impress" will backfire.  EVERY time.  Often spectacularly ...more

Manners and Etiquette

Whenever I speak about manners, I feel old. I feel as though I should be clutching my pearls and wearing my grandmother's clothing. The fact is that we all live in rather close proximity to each other, and social mores and rules are our way of making that experience bearable and even pleasant. This week, I watched ...more

Email Etiquette, is There Such a Thing?

In this age of email and text messaging, I realize that it is all too easy to get lazy with proper usage of the English language and with communicating habits as well. I vow to improve upon my email etiquette from this moment forward. Our children will be communicated via email for years to come as well, so we should teach them a few rules. Here are some things that turn me off that emailers do: ...more