Everyone Lies

My friend Andrea strongly dislikes another woman we both know. The first time she disclosed her feelings, I listened politely to her impassioned rant, then inquired why she felt so strongly about the other woman. The reason was that the woman in question was "fake." ...more

Jealousy probably brought the comment on by your friend.

Nevertheless, we all lie - in some ...more

Rudeness - Repost from WordPress

You know what?  I hate meeting new people. ...more

When my husband and I bought our first place (a condo), we thought it would be great to make ...more

Elizabeth Post, Etiquette Successor to Emily Post, Has Died

Elizabeth Post, America's leading etiquette authority, has died at age 89. She was the author of over a dozen books on etiquette, and wife of the only grandchild of the famous Emily Post. She also wrote for Good Housekeeping magazine and had a syndicated etiquette newspaper column. She updated the classic book, "Etiquette," which had been originally authored by Emily, five times in order to keep it current. ...more

The 10 Rudest Questions a Person can Ask

Society wants us to believe that the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Well I beg to differ. Here are ten of the STUPIDEST and RUDEST questions a person can ask. NEVER ask these questions...EVER....more

10 Etiquette Rules You MUST Observe

First impressions are lasting impressions and you certainly don't want anyone to discount your credibility simply because you weren't observing simple etiquette rules....more

Etiquette According to Kayla

 I’m not a stickler when it comes to etiquette. Politeness is a different thing. Politeness is one of my favorite characteristics a person can have, right after the ability to shotgun a Natty Light. It shows consideration, poise, and makes mama and papa proud. Etiquette, on the other hand, seems pretentious and pointless. Getting food from the plate into my mouth is the hardest part; I need to balance my elbows on the table....more

Hey, Young Chick on the Texter: It's a Youth Thing I Don't Understand

The following poetic rant is inspired by a routine performed by the comic, William Stephenson.  His routine starts, "Hey little girl on the cellphone..."  It is about the annoyance of over-hearing cell phone conversations, especially inane ones. ...more

Timing and appropriateness are important parts of communicating well.  Those of us who ...more

Blogging, Emails and Etiquette

  I admit to being a new food blogger and I admit that I am an avid commenter of food blogs I love to read and find stimulating.  I hope that the blog owners appreciate my comments: I don’t make a comment when a post is uninteresting or un-appealing, therefore my comments are either always positive or there is a question involved regarding the contents of that post.  A relative question I believe. ...more

Avoiding "Mama Drama," the etiquette of playgroups

For the past four years, I have actively participated in Meetup playgroups, Yahoo groups, and local boards, all in the name of socializing with other parents of young children so the kids and I do not go stir crazy ...more

Job Candidates Are Mad As Hell And They Aren't Going To Take It Anymore

Just when you think people care could care less about the stuff that Emily Post and Miss Manners care about--that thing called good manners -- a situation bubbles up that makes you pause. Turns out people who are looking for a job still care about manners particularly when it involves the behavior of corporate executives who interview job applicants and then never get back to them. ...more

I'm guessing the more people there are in the world, most of which have a degree, the less ...more