Travel Journal Giveaway

Hello! I am doing a giveaway with DameTraveler!  The giveaway is ran threw Instagram And rules can be found @dametraveler.  Winners will win one of three handmade notebooks that have European maps on them!You can find me on Instagram at username: CarolineBogush...more

Sitting… Waiting… Wishing…

Loving || That the holidays are here! I love everything about Christmas! Our house is decorated… we are hosting a cocktail party with my husband’s college buddies tomorrow night (stay tuned for some never tried before appetizer recipes) and I’ve been shopping non-stop for my husband and family!...more

Favorite Etsy illustrators: or why buffalo are the new birds

I’ve spent a lot of time on Etsy over the years, and my list of favorite shops is a mile long. But the influx of mass-produced tchotchkes to the site lately has become a real downer.  It used to be such a magical place, and now it feels tainted.  I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed. So I thought I could put my “research” to use and share with you some of my favorite Etsy shops, starting with illustrators....more

The Hunt for Premade Blog Templates

I've noticed many bloggers mentioning the desire to change their blog design without spending a ton of money in the process. Understandable? Totally understandable. Thankfully, there's a little step between the free themes offered by your platform and throwing down a bunch of cash for a custom design: premade templates.  There are a ton of places you can look for premade designs, but there's a great collection on Etsy, which happens to be reputable and easy to use to boot....more

Etsy Made in Canada Pop-Up Market

Next Saturday September 27th, MaRS and OCAD are hosting the Etsy Made in Canada Toronto Pop Up Market. Made in Canada Day is a celebration of all things handmade and vintage, and brings together local Etsy sellers and communities. Toronto finally joins 21 other locations across Canada for the first ever Etsy Made in Canada events....more

"Whenever I Get Sad I Stop Being Sad and Start Being Awesome Instead" Sign

I am so excited about this project! It's something I've been wanting to make for a very long time. "Whenever I get said, I stop being sad and start being awesome instead," is based on a line from How I Met Your Mother. It's been altered because I think it sounds better this way. :P ...more

It's Not Too Late to Get a Hip, Handcrafted Mother's Day Present on Etsy

Oh Etsy: we've been through a lot together. Etsy was there for my bridesmaids' gifts six years ago, new baby gifts for friends over the years, and now I covet all of its amazing handcrafted jewelry. And there is so much to choose from since the Etsy marketplace has exploded in the last nine years: Etsy currently boasts over 1 million active shops with over 25 million items listed. With Mother's Day just around the corner, I've done the work for you of sorting through thousands of listings to bring you my wonderfully hip Etsy gift guide. Here are 10 eclectically-inspired and on-trend handcrafted pieces of jewelry that would make lovely, one-of-a-kind gifts for any mother this Mother's Day! ...more

4 Tips for Having a Spectacular Etsy-Buying Experience

Long before I was selling my jewelry on Etsy, I was a huge fan of the site. It is the online marketplace for buying handmade products. Anything you could possibly dream of can be found here. (Warning: It can also be highly addicting!) ...more
Linkouture It was the publishing network email that they send out..weekly or so!more

A New Series!

Ross has gotten started on a new series! Here come airplanes!!!  He starts by designing the images in a program called SketchUp, which lets him make 3D models of the planes. He loves this, because he loves planes and engineering. It's a perfect match....more

Etsy Etsy Etsy

We've sold 5 pieces! And have a request for a custom order on a 6th! This is so exciting! The stuffed animal paintings seem to be the biggest hit, with the butterflies a close second. We're scrambling to get everything ready to go - for some reason, I thought it would take longer for people to make purchases, but nope! They're buying away! I just love the thought of Ross's art hanging on people's walls - it makes me so happy having it here, I just know it'll make other people smile too. Here's what we've sold so far: ...more