Finding Your Passion (not the dirty kind...this isn't that kind of blog)

Today, I want to write about this article, called "How to Identify the One Thing You Were Born To Do," which is a terrible title, but not necessarily a terrible thing to try to figure out . Ross showed it to me today, and it's been really interesting to talk to him about it. See, we're just about to do an actual launch of the business....more

Use this Coupon on Etsy

You can use this coupon at MyIslamicLife or VianneFere from 1/1/2014-1/10/2014. No Minimum Purchase

Must buys for parents on Etsy

So some of  you may or may not know that I am a big fan of Etsy.  I think it's so wonderful that a place like this has been made where good quality handmade items can be purchased so easily.  Now before I start I would like you to view this with an open mind.  Some of these items you may think are expensive and yes some of them are.  However some of them are truly unique and don't forget the items you are about to view are all handmade so please respect that and the sellers that put their time and effort into making these wonderful products. ...more

Butterfly Photography

I'm having the darndest time figuring out how to photograph the lovely paintings Ross has been doing over the last week. He's been experimenting a lot with color, pattern, and technique and has created some really beautiful stuff, but my photography skills are not up to par. I've taken the same series of each butterfly, and while some of them are close to good, none of them are excellent. Here's what I've got so far:   I'm calling this one "Butterfly A" because I'm creative like that....more

When Rape Becomes a Money Maker

I've been busy trying to stock up on my inventory for the upcoming holiday season.  Knitting until blisters pop up on my fingertips, trying to stay ahead of the game.  Trying to reason why I have yet to close my Etsy shop down.  Playing around with my Zibbet shop, trying to build my own store on my domain.  And then I take a break to log onto Etsy teams and forums to see whats been going on in there, and I see this:"Autumn is Perfect for Date Rape"and"Rape me Gently"...more
I've just started hand-crafting jewelry, and I need to figure out ways to sell it. However, ...more

Putting the Hands Back in Handmade: What Etsy's Changes Mean for Crafters

There are headlines floating all over the interwebs right now on how sellers on Etsy are protesting their latest change of policies. I’m betting 50% of my readers are saying, “What’s Etsy?” 45% are probably asking, “What policy change?” And the last group is packing up their profiles from Etsy and moving on....more
I Currently read an article about them, and how they are actually letting people do mass ...more

Why I Love Maggie Mae or My Return To Etsy

   (Note: This post includes some affiliate links) ...more

The Best Online Shops

Here are a few of my favorite photography shops online... Read more...

Hollywoodtutu- Turning little girls into princess'

  I recently interviewed Chevonne, owner and designer at Hollywoodtutu.  Her array of tutus for young girls,  are anywhere from characters to flower girl dresses.  ...more