First post, first SALE!

I'm proud to announce my first post here on BlogHer and my first SALE at my Etsy shop - TinkerAndPo!  Prices on all TinkerAndPo fingerless gloves and card caches have been reduced by $3! Come on and take a look - you know spring has to show up sometime! ...more

CPSIA Stay Brings Time to Find Compromise

On January 30th, 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to place a one year stay on the testing and certification requirements for certain products manufactured for use with children 12 and younger. ...more

New Adventure

Today I went to take a test to work the 2010 census. While sitting around the table we were all discussing various jobs and ideas for making money. I brought up Arbonne and was explaining about the products and a gentleman asked me if I used the products. I said yes and he said it looks very good, very good. How about that! I have been turning over in my mind about becoming a consultant for Arbonne for a few days and I had an appointment with Katrina who id a New Independent Consultant, National Vice President this evening to sign up... guess the products are working! ...more

Memories Handmade with Love

After an extended trip visiting my in-laws overseas for the last couple of weeks, my family and I gratefully stumbled into our home this past weekend, ready to get back to our normal routine. Traveling is fun, but there's just something about slipping between the sheets of your own bed once you return, you know? Of course, we've returned to our home by running headlong into the start of the holiday season, and I have to admit, I've been sort of caught unawares. And now that my daughter Alex is 4-1/2, and has a strong understanding of the Christmas season, I find myself really focused on creating tradition this year. We've already put up our tree and taken our annual Family Portrait in a Christmas Ball (shown above), but this year, more than ever, I dream of filling the house with the smells of Christmas baking, making handmade ornaments and creating memories which will last Alex's lifetime ... ...more

I love that photo.  It's great!

I did an album for years, but it fell apart in the past ...more


I love unique ornaments and especially love to give them and receive them as gifts. Some can even be used year round as part of your decor. My favorites would have to be the hand-made, glass ornaments. Like these. ...more

Welcome Winter With Hand-made Hats

I turned my clocks back Saturday night, resigning myself to the too-soon-dark evenings that are a daily reminder that winter is here. With these darker nights come more time snuggled on the couch knitting, crocheting or embroidering. And the perfect item to work on at the beginning of winter? HATS. Hats can dress up a dreary winter outfit, change the look of a too-often worn coat, and keep your head warm and dry. A pretty hand-made hat is also a great way to show one's crafty skills. So lets take a look at winter hats: Making a great winter hat ...more
Lots of different persons understand some keys of college essay accomplishing, but it does not ...more

Charmed: Alice in Wonderland Series by Summerpoet Studios

[ Visit the WooMeOver BlingBlog for more tasty morsels of jewelry fashion. ] For a daytripper like me, Alice in Wonderland remains one of my favorite storybooks ever. I love Sir John Tenniel’s acid-laced illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s original. I love Disney’s dizzying, imaginative animation. ...more

Hi... I'm Belsize Square

Just wanted to introduce myself... My name’s Katrina and Belsize Square is my little corner of the world-wide-web. I live in Melbourne Australia, have two beautiful little boys and I love making homemade things! ...more

Friday Favorites #2

Blogs, stores, events and things to drool over in general. Missy Broome: She was head accessories designer at Paul Frank IndustriesMr. ToastSappy Moose TreeStain DropMaternal Spark Where creative Moms shine ...more

It's So Etsy: Little Bird Birth Announcements

A full-time mom and a designer, Madeley at creates a line of stationery with a vintage look at her shop  Chick Print. ...more