Buy Handmade - Jewelry That Makes the Budget Cut

I don't recall exactly how I stumbled across about three years ago, but I do remember clicking from one lovely handmade item to the next, amazed at the choices and the prices.  I felt a little guilty about my first purchase, two necklaces and a hairpin from foundling, because they cost me less than a tank of gas.  Same is true of the earrings that I wear every single day: a pair of handmade silver hoops that cost a whopping $12.  I'm a wannabe crafter,and the one time I made items to sell (button magnets), I think I figured that with materials and labor, I should charge, oh, about twenty bux a magnet.  And that's not even with the surcharge for the hot glue gun damage I did to my fingers.  Whoops.  ...more

I bought a beautiful pair of silver tea cups from a lady in Alaska and love them. They ...more

Today on Fashion Me Fabulous

Public Service Announcement: Wear a Slip. It's for your own safety. Learn more here. ...more

Today on Fashion Me Fabulous

It's the battle of the fashion designer TV shows. Will Project Runway remain the the Queen of the Catwalk when in moves to Lifetime this summer? Or, will Bravo's runway replacement, The Fashion Show, stomp right past it? ...more

It's So Etsy: Pink Prep School Plaid Baby Booties

If only my little girl was still little... ...more

I forgot to mention in my original post that Tokara has a new website up and running. It is ...more

April Showers

It's been raining for DAYS in my neck of the woods - er, city. And I hate umbrellas - they are difficult to walk around with, easily lost, and I never know what to do with them after I've reached my destination and they're all wet. I've got a good raincoat and some nice short rubber boots (that's a post on its own!) but I was thinking that a rain hat would be the perfect solution to my umbrella issues. My head and body and feet would then be dry and I wouldn't have to worry about poking people in the eye with my brolly. ...more

Craftivism. Craft + Activism + Political Viewpoint?

I first got wind of the Etsy kerfuffle on craftivism when Julie Finn posted about it on Crafting A Green World this weekend. An Etsy Team breaks apart over the very definition of the term? I was boggled. As Finn explained it: ...more


The crux of the argument was that many conservatives and middle-of-the-roaders do ...more

I Just Love Dogs

Found a wonderfu ...more

First post, first SALE!

I'm proud to announce my first post here on BlogHer and my first SALE at my Etsy shop - TinkerAndPo!  Prices on all TinkerAndPo fingerless gloves and card caches have been reduced by $3! Come on and take a look - you know spring has to show up sometime! ...more

CPSIA Stay Brings Time to Find Compromise

On January 30th, 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to place a one year stay on the testing and certification requirements for certain products manufactured for use with children 12 and younger. ...more

New Adventure

Today I went to take a test to work the 2010 census. While sitting around the table we were all discussing various jobs and ideas for making money. I brought up Arbonne and was explaining about the products and a gentleman asked me if I used the products. I said yes and he said it looks very good, very good. How about that! I have been turning over in my mind about becoming a consultant for Arbonne for a few days and I had an appointment with Katrina who id a New Independent Consultant, National Vice President this evening to sign up... guess the products are working! ...more