Just Saying "Hi!"

I just wanted to introduce myself. I create handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind felt flower jewelry and accessories. My etsy shop is: http://www.funkyfeltflowers.etsy.com. I can also be found at the following: http://www.funkyfeltflowers.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/funkyfeltflowers https://twitter.com/FunkyFeltFlower Come on by, have a cup of cawfee, stay awhile.... Hope to see you soon! ...more

Christmas: Chalkboard Decorating

I love my little Chalkboard that I bought from Etsy last year.Come to think of it, I just love Chalkboards in general.They are so much fun to play with and they work for any season.Whether you just want to write down a shopping list, or if you want to give your kids a cool spot to draw!...more

Adam Rabbit Collection 2012


Etsy Shops: Best Holiday Gifts

I'm obsessed with all things cold-weather. So of course I took to Etsy to find a few of my favorite things. All these shops feature amazing and unique holiday presents. To shop simply click on their shop's name and you will be taken to their store. Enjoy! ...more

From Etsy to You: The Perfect Gifts for Social Media Lovers

Your sister/best friend/cousin/partner lives and breathes social media, and you are itching to buy your gifts off of Etsy in order to support artists and small business owners during the holiday season. You're in luck because we've compiled a best of Etsy gift guide to help you quickly choose the perfect gift that celebrates blogging, Facebook status updates, and tweets. ...more
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Five Quick Tips For Better Product Photography

I love photography. Even though I'm not a professional photographer by any stretch, and I couldn't really define "aperture" for you, I'm constantly looking for ways to take better product pictures for my Etsy shop, blogs, and, of course, Pinterest....more

Things I Love: Etsy Finds

In case ya’ll didn’t notice this already, I have a column on a fabulous duo of sites that are geared towards stylish mommas and their kids: CupcakeMag andCupcakeMag Littles. If you are already a fan of these two sites that feature real fashion and accessories for real ladies + babies, you know what I’m talking about....more

Blog Giveaway from Deconstruct the Girl: Vinyl Record Ice-Skater Tote from Flightless Bird Design

I love how social media has this great way to connect people that might not otherwise have connected. I also love how you can end up finding great designers and artists that you may never have seen if not for outlets such as twitter and Facebook. I had the good fortune of stumbling upon the darling etsy shop Flightless Bird Designs by Amanda Marucut. Amanda is a college student who started her shop on the side as an outlet for some of her artistic ambitions. All the listings of jewelry or accessories are designed and hand-crafted by Amanda....more

what's in your shopping cart?

I absolutely LOVE Etsy! Love it. Here's the problem though, there's way too much out there. I do a search for "children's seersucker" and pages upon pages come up. Who has time to sift through all of that?I've tagged a few of my favorites shops in hopes of helping you out and hoping you enjoy their shops and products as much as I do!Mad Lucy Paper...more

It's so Etsy: London Calling

Are you watching the Olympics in London this week? I love visiting London so I rounded up a list of four fabulous London-themed items on Etsy. Check them out below. It's never to early to start your holiday shopping—Christmas is only 145 days away.Here are the links on Etsy for my London favorites:...more
We got so many compliments for this phone booth. It's really cute, one of the best selling cases ...more