Etsy Love: Thanksgiving Decor

I love me some Etsy. Don't you? ...more
It is so hard to find a "Thanksgiving" decorating item. I guess the marketing people have ...more

It's So Etsy: Addictive Window Shopping and More with New Etsy iPhone App

 If you love handmade crafts and vintage stuff, then the new Etsy app is a must-have app. Here are just a few of the cool app features: amazing photos of popular items in Treasury Lists, search function that almost reads your mind, access to your personal Etsy account, and much more. I just opened a new Etsy shop yesterday with another designer so this app has perfect timing! ...more

I want to make more shirts

It's So Etsy: "Let It Snow" Embroidery Wall Decor

We are expecting a big snowstorm this week and it is not even Halloween yet. So when I saw this cute embroidered "Let It Snow" wall decor by Danielle on Etsy I had to share it with you. ...more I know the feeling! It's a miracle we haven't had snow yet :)more

Unique Design makeup bag - New in my handmade store

You are going to love those new sweet makeup bags that I have uploaded to my handmade store today.A unique art design zipper makeup bag. The outside of this cosmetics pouch is a unique digital art, designed by me using the talented mix made artists Tangie Baxter and  Sausan designs scrapbooking kit and was printed on a high quality cotton fabric in my own home studio....more

Random Act of Kindness

I know things are tough all over. I want to put up a passioned-plea for anyone who is able to help a fellow Member, to please include my shop in your promos, contact me with your supportive messages, post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. My name is Laurie of KottageKreations and I am a wonderful designer and supportive member here as well. I have a graceful style that translates throughout my designs. It's an extension of my personality. Me and my family are facing eviction. I am caring for my extremely ill husband and have my son and grandson in tow....more
@SLS Gifts@kottagedreation oops, my twitter is @kottagekreation more

Your Story...

YOU HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE STORY. I want to write it in silver & gold ♥ Tell your life stories with personalized hand stamped jewelry exquisite sterling silver & gold mothers necklaces sentimental keepsake charms you wear close to your heart ♥ Heirloom Story Jewelry ....more

Life gets personal

I have launched a new line in my shop that is sure to please the whole family and beyond. My new line features a rustic and eclectic feel to every handmade beauty. Here are a few sneak peeks: A hand or footprint is so simple, but few things are so precious....more
Ask me to create your special handmades at http://kottagekreations.etsy.commore

How to Grow Your Etsy/Online Business

I remember the weeks leading up to "starting my Etsy shop". I must have talked myself out of it 1,000 times--literally. I made excuses like, what if nothing sells? what will my friends think? what if I make a mistake on an order? what if no one likes my designs? what about the financial risks for the start up costs? and on and on...But then one night, I took the plunge. I remember the nerves in my stomach as I clicked "purchase" at two in the morning for my very first order of supplies. ...more
So glad this post has resonated with you. @AbbyinOz it's all about sharing... and @paapeseed ...more