Random Act of Kindness

I know things are tough all over. I want to put up a passioned-plea for anyone who is able to help a fellow Member, to please include my shop in your promos, contact me with your supportive messages, post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. My name is Laurie of KottageKreations and I am a wonderful designer and supportive member here as well. I have a graceful style that translates throughout my designs. It's an extension of my personality. Me and my family are facing eviction. I am caring for my extremely ill husband and have my son and grandson in tow....more
@SLS Gifts@kottagedreation oops, my twitter is @kottagekreation more

Your Story...

YOU HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE STORY. I want to write it in silver & gold ♥ Tell your life stories with personalized hand stamped jewelry exquisite sterling silver & gold mothers necklaces sentimental keepsake charms you wear close to your heart ♥ Heirloom Story Jewelry ....more

Life gets personal

I have launched a new line in my shop that is sure to please the whole family and beyond. My new line features a rustic and eclectic feel to every handmade beauty. Here are a few sneak peeks: A hand or footprint is so simple, but few things are so precious....more
Ask me to create your special handmades at http://kottagekreations.etsy.commore

How to Grow Your Etsy/Online Business

I remember the weeks leading up to "starting my Etsy shop". I must have talked myself out of it 1,000 times--literally. I made excuses like, what if nothing sells? what will my friends think? what if I make a mistake on an order? what if no one likes my designs? what about the financial risks for the start up costs? and on and on...But then one night, I took the plunge. I remember the nerves in my stomach as I clicked "purchase" at two in the morning for my very first order of supplies. ...more
So glad this post has resonated with you. @AbbyinOz it's all about sharing... and @paapeseed ...more

The Color of Creativity An Etsy Treasury by Bath Factory


Etsy or eBay?

Let's say you've been invited to a summer wedding and would like to buy a dress on the internet ...perhaps you don't have time to shop around in the mall or would like something with a different vibe. Etsy and eBay are terrific places to get a dress! What's the difference?...more

I love Etsy for handbags and jewelry. But I have never bought a dress. However, the first three ...more

CMB Display Designs Gift Certificate Giveaway

CMB Display Designs is a small indie biz run by an Ohio gal named Carolyn. Inspired by the idea of one-of-a-kind treasures and vintage finds with history, Carolyn creates and sells handmade framed cork boards and decorative push pins along with vintage accessories and housewares in her shop....more

Have You Created Something That Is a Great Gift - and Do You Sell It?

If you created something that would make a great gift, here’s your chance to promote it for free on my gift giving blog, Quips and Tips for Giving Gifts! How will you promote, describe, advertise your product? By writing an article about it for my gift giving blog. The idea behind Quips and Tips for Giving Gifts is to help readers buy the right gifts for the right people – gifts that will be appreciated and valued! After all, what feels better than knowing you gave the best gift ever?...more

Handmade Greeting Card Giveaway from Julie Ann Art

Handwritten notes are fabulous to give and receive. In the age of technology, emails and text messages, a physical thinking of you is both memorable and just plain awesome. So share your thanks, love or just a hello with a handmade greeting card from Julie Ann Art. Right now Julie Anna is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her shop....more