Dance Me to the End of Love

Monday is Valentine's Day, people! Here's a very late, but appropriately themed Friday dance!...more

Name It and Win It Handmade Soap Contest

I have created a new rose and violet scented soap for spring - which will soon be introduced to my shop....more

Bring on the Hot Cocoa!

This was A.P.'s first blizzard. Mr. Florida was amazed at how much snow could actually fall from the sky! Plus the whole experience of having a snow day and a city shutting down was so fascinating to him. I always make fun of the local news, calling it the half hour weather show, since that always seems to be what they lead with, but this is one time where I gladly watched every moment of coverage....more

Beauty Lies in Unexpected Places

I love beautiful things, and some day hope to furnish an entire home full of beautiful curiosities. I always think my favorite homes are the ones with magical things hidden in little nooks. C. Blonde, the woman who designed our invitations, had a home like this. In one corner she'd have a stereoscope, and in another a jar of old buttons....more

I LOVED this! Not just for the design, but because of the idea you gave with it. I could even ...more

Magritte, Redux

One of my favorite painters of all time is Rene Magritte. I was fortunate enough to see his exhibit at the Art Institute as a child, and the images stayed with me my whole life. I love certain things immensely simply because they reference this oft-forgotten surrealist painter (all the credit usually seems to go to Dali). The remake of the Thomas Crowne Affair was mostly awesome, in my mind, only because of the Magritte-fueled identity switcheroo at the end. The other day, I happened to find this awesome etsy shop that specializes in decals for your laptop....more

I feel you...I actually think my laptop is too small for the decal! Guess I'm buying a new ...more

"Urine" For a Treat

Beautiful chairs! I must confess that I was looking for urine stains on the floor beside ...more

Step up your coffee to organic, fair trade, and fabulous!

I recently had the opportunity to try some delicious organic, fair trade coffee from Larry's Beans....more

Rosalyn Hoffman Picks Etsy Gifts for the Holiday Season

This holiday season avoid vanilla mass-produced-anyone-can-buy-and-everyone-will-have gifts. Skip the stampede. Be creative. Find originals.We’re obsessed with using Etsy to find and support individual artisans. So crunchy and cool. We get to do our part for the economy by stimulating small businesses. Not to mention, no crowds, no middleman, and best of all-for all us gals on a budget -no middleman mark-ups....more

Happily Handmade Pouch Giveaway

Enter to win this adorable, handmade Sparrow on a Girl Zipper Pouch from Bird Trouble filled with three of your favorite handmade, shea butter soaps from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen! This fun pouch features a tattooed girl and measures approximately 8" x 5" with a purple zipper closure. It's perfect for pens and pencils, cosmetics, or even traveling accessories! The soaps? Well, those are your choice!...more

A little love for dry winter skin.

"Wow, this stuff is good. The moment the dry Winter air shows up, my hands begin to crack and bleed, and it has already started this year. This creme is so luscious and thick, and yet it is smooth and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I can put it on during the day and at night before bed....more