Basilica of the Holy Family: Essential on your first visit.

Are you visiting Barcelona without knowing anything about the city, just to let yourself be seduced by its charm? Or, maybe, you are going there with the aim of knowing one of its most emblematic buildings: Basilica of the Holy Family of Barcelona, or, as it is known in Spain, the Sagrada Familia....more

Black Women in Europe™ Blog 10th Anniversary

 Pick up your free digital copy of the Black Women in Europe™ Blog 10th Anniversary Book through 23 December 2016.The Black Women in Europe™ Blog was created to celebrate the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women living in Europe. This book is dedicated to them....more

3 Best Art Shows in Europe You Must Know

Europe has many of the world’s most culturally rich countries and there are thousands of artistic festivals and events that have become very famous and visited by people around the world.  ...more

9 Interesting Things To Discover About Amsterdam

9 Interesting Things To Discover When Visiting AmsterdamAmsterdam is one of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities.  So, it's not surprising that this city is on the top of many vacation bucket lists and is one of the most photographed iconic cities in the world....more

17 Sarcastic Hacks for the First Time European Traveler

 June 1, 2016 — With the kids grown, the dog dead, and the mortgage whittled down, midlife tourists are off to exotic locations this summer. As an unsophisticated rural dweller, I’ll shares experiences from mistakes made and lessons learned. June 1 is the official start of the Rube Travel season. Middle-aged men pack Sansabelt pants, while their wives buy ridiculous pink travel hats with a chin strap....more

A Eulogy to My Favorite Cashmere Hoodie: The Perfect Winter Travel Garment

  Dear Athleta Cashmere Hoodie that cost me far too much but that I loved dearly and wore on every chilly occasion possible:You were uber lightweight, deliciously fuzzy yet thin, quick drying, didn’t hold stinky sweat and could be worn 10 times before needing to be washed....more

4 days in Lisbon


5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Burgundy

  Small Town Charm Thank God we found out about Beaune! It’s a quick train ride from Paris, perfect for a few nights away, but it couldn’t be more of a world away from a bustling, international city. ...more

Europe with a toddler: 15 things I wish I knew beforehand

 "So, you want to bring your kid to Europe for a one month vacation extravaganza. Sounds like fun. You're nuts." (insert eye roll)...more

Tips for Surviving a Long Flight (In Economy)

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since Dave and I returned from our honeymoon. The vacation was amazing, but I think we’d both quickly admit that the flights there are back were brutal. Almost eight hour flights both ways? Ouch. Since I’ve recently gone through the pain of a long international flight, today I want to share with you some of my tips for surviving a long flight sitting in economy....more