A Secret Spot in Rome

Rome is a top tourist destination in Europe, and it’s one of our favorite cities! It’s hard to imagine that there could be any hidden spots in a city so full of tourists, but I have a favorite place to share with you today. My fellow A Friend Afar blogger, Stephanie, told me about it when I honeymooned in Italy, and she had heard about it from a friend, too....more

Tips and tricks to eating cheap in Europe

Eating out every day is boring. But really, it’s also just super costly. If you’re traveling on a budget, it can break it completely. I’ve hit the European road on all different kinds of food budgets from $5 a week to $60 a day. Overtime many tactics failed me, but these one kept me under budget:...more


Recently I came upon a blog from Randal Olson with a map visualizing the optimal European road trip. You may have seen his name recently as his blog post on the optimal American road trip made the round pretty freely on social media, inspiring many Americans to plan their next holiday into a great American road trip....more

Travel Journal Giveaway

Hello! I am doing a giveaway with DameTraveler!  The giveaway is ran threw Instagram And rules can be found @dametraveler.  Winners will win one of three handmade notebooks that have European maps on them!You can find me on Instagram at username: CarolineBogush...more

48 Hours in Pompeii

Choosing Pompeii as my destination after running away from Rome was quite possibly the best choice ever. Pompeii served as a place to recoup, gather my thoughts, and actually enjoy Italy. The city itself is a bit ironic, if you know it's history. To put it shortly, in 79 A.D. Mount Vesuvius erupted and left 4 Roman cities, including Pompeii, buried under volcanic ash. It's a place devastated by death, but yet still full of life....more
I love! Pompeii is great! I loved the sex paintings in the brothels LOL! Glad you had fun!more

First timers in Europe – 10 Lessons Learned While Traveling to Four Countries in Ten Days

These are great tips! I've been to Europe, but it's been several years, so these are good things ...more

Happy Bastille Day: How to Serve (and Eat) a Cheese Course

Are you planning to visit France? Eat in a French restaurant? Meet your future French in-laws? There is a certain cheese etiquette that must be followed. ...more
I was in France recently and loved the cheese, as well as the wine, bread, anything really. I do ...more

Beauty Haul: Paris and London with First Impressions

Recently I was fortunate enough to go on a study abroad trip through my university to Paris and London. I had never been before so this trip was particularly exciting for me! Since this was an academic class I was on a strict schedule, and did not have too much free time, but nonetheless it was an amazing experience!...more