Tiny Travelers: Seeing the World with Young Children

Traveling with young children is never an easy under taking.  Sometimes just the thought of planning the trip, packing and getting everyone and everything to your destination can be overwhelming.  When my husband got transferred to Ireland for 2 ½ years, we could have sat around, dreaming of all the things there were to see and do right outside our door or we could experience it ourselves, take in all that Europe had to offer.  We chose the latter.  We chose to bear the stress of the logistics and make our traveling dreams a reality. ...more

Bed and Breakfast in Xativa: Hostal Casa La Vuelta Valencia Spain

During our visit to Valencia two years ago one place that we were lucky enough to visit the small town of Xativa.  We had an appointment with one of the schools in the area and decided to take a little tour ,while we were there we stayed at Hostal Casa La Vuelta just 15 minutes outside of Xativa in a town of Novetlè....more

Tourist to Europa: Barcelona

Barcelona is a city open to the sea for many years thanks to the Barceloneta beach,located in the district of the same name....more
Love Love Love Barceloana! Great Post!more

vow to travel more in 2014

One of my unofficial goals/resolutions for 2014 is to travel more. Or at least make plans to travel more. Our wedding is later this year so I know we won't be able to travel a ton since we'll be paying for that and hopefully going on a super awesome honeymoon....more

Toilet ... Closet? What's the Difference?

Thank you for reading my blog! My name is Stacey Sandlin Veikalas and I am originally from Colorado! Now, well I’m a nomad …. continually moving from country to country… but hey, home is where your heart is … Right?...more

My European Adventure!

So my boyfriend lives in Germany. He's almost 6,000 miles away. I last saw him in February, and when he left, I thought it would be almost six months until I saw him again when he was supposed to come home.  Six months! I knew it was going to be so hard to be away from him for that long, but I also knew our relationship was strong enough to survive it.  Of course I had thought about going to visit him, but a plane ticket across the world is pretty damn expensive!...more

The Walls of Avila

When you like someone in grade school, taking a walk with your crush around the playground is exciting. When you’re in college, a stroll through the zoo, a park or around a nearby lake can be a dreamy experience. But when you are an adult, the backdrop for a romantic outing is limited only by your imagination – and your finances....more

Moving to Europe

@Geri Dreiling  Thank you so much! I am so sorry for my late response. I got placed in Madrid ...more


Bringing our twelve year old to Spain have always been our main worry, having read many articles and forum discussions regarding bringing an older child to a different country can pose many complications, mainly affecting their education and social skills.  Having to learn a new language after the age of 10 proves a lot more difficult for many children....more
Hello, thank you for sharing! Could you please tell me which concertado school in Valencia your ...more

Will You Still Eat Ikea's Meatballs After the European Horsemeat Scandal?

I’ve been watching the European horsemeat scandal with one eye because, well, it just didn’t seem like it would really affect me. That is until I saw that international retailing giant Ikea said it is pulling its meatballs from stores in more than 20 countries because a Czech Republic store found horsemeat in the product. ...more
Personally I don't find anything alarming about this - horse meat is commonly eaten in some ...more