The Train to Avila

“And this snow,” Robert Jordan said. “You think there will be much?”“Much,” Pablo said contentedly. Then called to Pilar, “You don’t like it, woman, either? Now that you command you do not like this snow?”“A mí qué?” Pilar said, over her shoulder. “If it snows it snows.”— For Whom the Bell Tolls, Ernest Hemingway...more

The Cerralbo Museum in Madrid

It was a museum Sunday. While visiting Madrid in January, E and I toured the Museo Sorolla and the Museo Cerralbo on the same day – with a break for tapas in between. In addition to collections of art, the small museums offered a glimpse into turn-of-the-20th-century Spain from the artistic and aristocratic viewpoint....more

A list of our own powerful black women in Europe

For 3 years in a row the Black Women in Europe Power List has celebrated amazing women in Europe:Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2012 – A List of Our Own©...more

Touching history in Segovia, Spain

As I sat at an outdoor café table near an imposing first century Roman aqueduct enjoying fat, fleshy Manzanilla olives and a bottle of sparkling water, I blurted out for the umpteenth time: “This is like a movie!” My travel companions and guides – E and his parents – smiled politely, yet again, at what was becoming my rather unimaginative catchphrase for the visit....more

Arriving in Madrid

In retrospect, I should have known that my visit to Spain would be an adventure. After all, the journey that led me to the Iberian Peninsula started with an Atlantic Ocean-sized leap of faith....more

Christmas Eve is like a mixed tape in our family.

Candlelight flickered and cast a warm glow inside the old log house. Dinner was long finished and the remnants tucked away for another day. The children were scrubbed clean, cozy in their pyjamas and eagerly awaiting the arrival of St. Nick. A candle burnt too low, stuttered and went out. “Maman, you have to find another candle.” The mother, prepared for this eventuality, placed a fresh candle to join the flickering lights of the others on the Christmas tree.A pine tree. With needles drying by the second. A. TREE. Adorned with open flames....more

Travel Europe Without Breaking the Bank

I just returned from the most amazing vacation (or "holiday" as they say in Europe) and it was the vacation of a life time. We took three weeks and cruised the Mediterranean - what a great way to travel!  We booked a trip out of Barcelona Spain, spending four days in Barcelona and then on to Toulon, France, Italy (Florence, Pisa, Italy, Rome, Naples) and Greece (Athens and Mykonos) and then Turkey, stopping in both Izmir and Istanbul. We finished this amazing trip with four days in Venice. It was like a dream! ...more
that would be very helpful! my husband and i spent 4 days in venice earlier this year and boy oh ...more

The Greece I Saw, June 2012

 Of course I could just write about postcard Greece: the pebbly beaches, the sky stretching out clear, dotted with clouds at sunset....more

British Food: So Much Potential, So Much Disappointment

I tend to not put much stock in stereotypes about countries.  I would rather show up without any assumptions, and see what is actually going on....more

Belgium for the Senses

Belgium, a land where dairy rules and dessert is afforded a higher status than in other co...more