Why we're moving to Spain

Deciding to move to Europe is like being 9 months pregnant: everyone you meet is full of "good luck!"s and good-natured questions and all the questions are generally of the same ilk (I swear that's a word)....more

Thanks Denise!more

New British Passport

A new British passport with many extra security features will be introduced in October, replacing the ePassport introduced in 2006 British passports issued after October will have a new look, which will include line drawings of classic landscapes from around the UK. Drawings of the White Cliffs of Dover, the Gower Peninsula, Ben Nevis and the Giant’s Causeway will replace the existing images of birds....more

Support Me in My Big Life Adventure

I just got back from a spiritually and physically renewing vacation. The days leading up to this vacation were chaotic and stressful. I had a huge financial and personal decision to make about my future, and add that to covering two jobs at work - 2 stressful jobs - I was frazzled, and on the brink of emotional self destruction. I think it is so important that women find ways to renew themselves. We juggle being career women, mothers, and caregivers to friends and families. All that we give of ourselves sometimes can start to take its toll and if we do not have systems in place to rebuild and regroup, then we will start to feel just the way I felt just before my trip. ...more

EU: between Russia and the USA

Today Europe is facing a hard time trying to find a balance between Russia and the USA. It is clear that Europe has lost its top priority place on American foreign policy agenda and Russia can not replace the USA's image of a big reliable boss.Russia, in its turn, has lost its illusions about the possibility of full integration in to the European structures and reoriented its interests eastward.Besides, both actors are divided by energy issue which prevents Europe from seeing Russia as totally friendly and positive neighbor with no hidden jokers in his pockets....more

Alexander Rahr: Russia is a part of Europe

Here you will find an interview with Alexander Rahr, a well-known political scientist, the son of Russian emigrant, who has been living in Germany. In 2000 he published a book "The German in the Kremlin" about Vladimir Putin. Today he answers several questions about his vision of Russia and Russia's role in the modern Europe.http://www.eastwest-review.com/article/interview-famous-political-scient......more

Turkey: the nature of national modernization

Today's Turkey is one of the most dynamically developing economies in the world. The underdeveloped agrarian state turned into the member of G20, lying in the 15th place in the rating of the greatest global economies. In 2002-2009 the average GDP was 6-9 percent, the figure was doubled in five years. Now it is 880 billion dollars (the nearest competitors are South Korea, Mexico and Australia). Turkey expands its international influence, seeking to gain the role of informal leader of the Middle East and the Balkans....more

FUTURE OF EUROPE: New security system or new “Berlin walls”?

What should the Europeans be afraid of today? Many still believe that the main threat is coming from Russia and try to install some powder kegs between itself and this potential enemy....more

Building a pan-Eurasian security community?

As the post-cold war moment of US unilateralism is slowly passing away, the new age of multilateralism is firmly grounded in improved bilateral relations. At present, the clearest example of this trend is the "reset" of US-Russia relations. By contrast with a dangerous escalation of tensions between East and West during the Georgian conflict in August 2008, President Obama is genuinely committed to ending the new "Cold War of minds" and inaugurating an era of careful cooperation and perhaps even a wide-ranging partnership with Moscow....more

Greece: the cradle or the grave of European civilization?

University professors of International Policy Studies throughout the world have been treating the European Union as an example of a democratic, rapidly developing, and exclusively wealthy organization for more than a decade. The current crisis is a serious challenge for the EU. This time weak link is Greece, the country with population of only twelve million, pretending to be the cradle of European civilization. Russian analyst Dr. Alexander Sotnichenko argues that the situation is so acute that the cradle may become the grave of united Europe quite soon......more

US Taxpayer bailout of IMF for Europe $61 billion. What a scam!

Crazy! Europe announces a bailout package and everybody is overjoyed. IMF bails out, and nobody realizes that the US Taxpayer is on the hook for $61 billion! While our schools crumble, teachers are laid off, and roads deteriorate. Solve debt with more debt, that's brilliant! They do nothing to solve the underlying problem. Don't be fooled. It's all coming down. Probably next week.Namaste and Have a Magical Day...more