Don't Let Your Pet Hold You Back From European Travel

 Have you always wanted to visit Britain but hesitated because you didn’t want to leave your pet behind? Well pack your bags and get an extra-long-lasting chew toy because the UK is the perfect vacation destination for pet owners....more

More about my European holiday and teen travel tips for everyone!

This is segment 3 of the: my husband and I traveled for 18 days through France and Spain story.  Specifically, we flew into Frankfurt, rented a car at the airport and drove to Saint-Avold, France to visit the American Cemetery.   There is a very romantic WWII story associated with that stop, which I will go into in another post.  After an overnight there, we drove onto Normandy for the weekend.  In fact, we were in Normandy on 9/11, which other than NYC, seemed like a great place to be on that day.  Both were sites of tragic deaths of ...more
I do so wish we could have gone with you guys...maybe someday. (Smile!) And as much as I ...more

Consider Us "Alerted"

Well, as most of you out there know, the United States, as well as Japan, Sweden, and the U.K., have issued a “terror alert” to warn their citizens of potential terrorist activity in Europe in areas that are frequented by travelers...places like Belgium and France where I’ll be traveling in less than a month (I’ll also be going to the Netherlands, but I haven’t seen it mentioned specifically...yet). The alert itself is fairly vague and supposedly, it’s not meant to discourage travel to Europe, it’s meant for us to be more vigilant and alert while we’re there. The U.S....more

Budget for Your Vacation--Pt. 4 (Lodging-Convents & Monasteries)

Back to my series on how to budget for your vacation, we've discussed several different forms of lodging. We started out with hostels, made our way to bed & breakfasts, talked about local vs....more

Budget for Your Vacation--Pt. 4 (Lodging-Agriturismi)

Continuing my series on How to Budget for your Vacation, we've been discussing all the very different forms of lodging for travelers....more

Budget for Your Vacation--Pt. 4 (Lodging-Bed & Breakfasts)

In my last post, I talked about hostels as a viable form of lodging. In this post, I will be discussing my favorite form of lodging, bed & breakfasts. ...more