This Blog Is Not Tested On Animals

Hooray!Europe has banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals (or that contain ingredients that were tested on animals).  This makes the European Union the first zone in the world to have and enforce such a ban.While I may not like it I understand that there is a need for animal testing in medicine.  However cosmetic animal testing does not need to happen.  There are other methods.  And really, life-saving surgery and drugs are necessary, mascara is not....more

"Warsaw Hearts New York" But Does America Heart Warsaw?

I really have never read an article before and decided to write about it until today.  Actually, the article itself I had no issues with.  It was short, informative, and accurate.  Decent reporting.  I am referring to the article by Fox News (shared by a friend) called Warsaw Hearts New York; Poles Hope for Visa Waiver to Shop Fifth Avenue.   What was called to my attention and which frankly disturbed me was the comments...more

We welcome all visitors to the US and New York. As a driver, I welcome the opportuntity greet ...more

Around the World, Voters Choose Women

by Chris Lombardi ...more

The Other Woman Running for President

The United States and the world have been focused on the US election. We have all been fascinated by the prospect of a woman president or a black president. This powerful country of over 300 million came close to being led by a woman. ...more