When World Vision Stands Up -- and Love is Knocked Down

photo by Jennuine Captures I know, I know....more

5 Must-Read Posts on the World Vision Controversy

Bloggers have a lot to say about the Christian organization World Vision's announcement that they will hire employees in same-sex marriages....more
HolliinIl Thank you. If I were writing today, I wouldn't have so much grace. Know what I mean?more

Can Evangelicals Support Mitt Romney -- And Feel Good About It?

[Editor's Note: Over the weekend, Mitt Romney spoke at the graduation ceremony of Liberty University, an evangelical university founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell. For the first time in this campaign season, Romney spoke about his Mormon faith -- acknowledging the differences and similarities between it and conservative Christianity....more
I was raised Mormon, but I am now just a regular old Christian, and I am finding it hard to see ...more

Why Do African Americans Vote Democratic and Why Aren't Republicans Mad at Their Leadership?

I attend Bible study at an Evangelical church.  When I went to Bible study last night I pulled in beside this Volvo XC 70 which I want badly.  So I am looking at the car and on the back window there is a sticker that has PALIN! ...more
That's why I have to be an Independent. There is no way that I could choose to vote a Party ...more