The 25 Best Moments of "Lost"

All right Losties, it's here! The moment we've all been waiting for -- the return of "Lost" for its 6th and final season beginning February 2nd on ABC at 8/7c.In honor of the big event, I thought it was the perfect time to review where we've been before we move forward.  Or backward, depending on what the island is doing....more

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I thought about doing The 50 Best Moments of "Lost" and ...more

Lost In Lost's Funhouse

I'll begin with a confession: I really have no clue what I'm talking about here. ...more

I enjoy Lost for the same reason I enjoy David Lynch. Over and over it proves what a sucker ...more

Lost Recap: "The Beginning Of The End" (1/31/08)

Cross Posted At Megan's Minute. "Lost" is back and not a moment too soon!  Welcome to the debut of "Lost" recaps at Megan's Minute.  I've been anticipating the return of "Lost" since last year's stunning finale and after watching this premiere, I'm thrilled to say the show has still got game. We open on a closeup shot of a pyramid of what looked to me like yellow squash. It's in front of a blue sky and ocean in the background. We're on the shot for about three seconds with no sound until a red sports car comes crashing through the pile of squash toward the camera.  As the veggies tumble to the ground and the car screeches by, we see that the blue sky and ocean background were part of a picture on a delivery truck.  We're not on the island.  We're on the streets of LA and cop cars, sirens blaring, are chasing the sports car. I was actually expecting our usual opening shot of a closeup of someone's eye, but this was a nice change up.  Watching the episode a second time, I decided the pyramid wasn't of squash after all.  Then I thought they might be mangoes but after checking this cool site, Tropical Fruit Photography, I decided they're not.  I don't know what they are.  See, already this show has me doing mental gymnastics.  But I love it. ...more

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Thanks for your comment. Last night's episode had me riveted and I was especially ...more