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Can Eve Ensler's "Emotional Creature" Change the World?

Last weekend I was fortunate to be able to see my good friend, author and activist (and founder of V-Day) Eve Ensler’s latest play Emotional Creature with my 15-year-old daughter Jazmin. The show is a theatrical tapestry of monologues, songs and dance, performed by a dynamic cast of young women, and is based on Eve’s interviews with girls in the U.S. to girls in far-off places like Congo, Kenya and Iran. I found myself alternatively entertained, moved, saddened, angered and inspired. ...more
Loved reading this, and hope I get to see the production one day. Thank you for sharing!more

Putting the "V" in Valentine's Day

www.TheFeministBride.comWhen it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, we seek to spend it with those we love and shower them with all the accoutrements a Hallmark Valentine’s can bestow.  What about spending Valentine’s Day in a non-commercial way? What if you could honor the women in your life by participating in something that seeks to support and empower them? What if you spent this Valentine’s Day learning how to appreciate yourself?VDay.org’s world presentation of Eve Ensler’s, The Vagina Monologues, offers that type of selfless holiday....more

Want a Raise? Wash Your Vagina

OMG. You’ve got to be kidding. I just heard about a magazine ad that’s got me steaming mad. Check out this full page Summer’s Eve ad in Woman’s Day magazine. The title: “Confidence at Work: How to Ask For a Raise.” The very first suggestion in the eight tips on how to ask for a raise?...more

Tink's Box

As any new parent knows, a volume switch on a toy is your best friend, because musical/speaking childrens’ toys are categorically obnoxious and the sole variation in how desperately a toy makes you want to jam an ice pick in your brain is how SCREAMINGLY it wails the alphabet, or “Old MacDonald,” (and Christ, do I pity you poor bastards,) that shiv-me-now Barbie theme. ...more

It's V-Day Until The Violence Stops

Playwright and activist, Eve Ensler, has transformed her play The Vagina Monologues and Valentine's Day into tools to raise awareness and funds to help end violence against women around the globe. ...more

is how many women I run into who are turned off by Eve's efforts.

Now I'm the Trix ...more

why everyone should have dates with themselves

i have a confession. i’m a fair weather feminist. i like to pretend that the term third wave actually means that i can interpret feminism however i want to. that i can forgo independence, reproductive choice and egalitarian relationships when a certain mood strikes me. and that certain mood is loneliness. or rather, a fear of loneliness. ...more

Is New Orleans the Vagina of America? (V-Day and V to the Tenth, part 2)

I said in my post Practicing Presence at V-Day that “I saw .. Eve Ensler weeping in the hallway, carrying a burden …” If you saw what she’s seen, heard what she’s heard, and have been where she's been, then you would know why this is so, that she walks sometimes and weeps. ...more

Thank you for the comments, Virginia and Maria. It was an experience I'll cherish. ...more

Practicing Presence at V-Day

First I have to prove to you that I am indeed here in New Orleans with thousands of women celebrating V-Day; so, here's a picture, a gargantuan expression of the vaginal symbol associated with the V-Day movement. It's sitting in the center of the main stage at the Louisiana Superdome. ...more

Mata and Virginia, I thank you for reading and commenting.  You both would have enjoyed V-Day ...more

Submit Your Questions for Eve Ensler, Celebrating 10 Years of V-Day

I learned today that I will have the great honor of interviewing Eve Ensler author, playwright, performer and global activist. ...more

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