Capturing Candids for Beautiful Event Photography

Recently, a very close friend of the family asked me if I would photograph her wedding. I instantly felt panicked because I am not a wedding photographer. I consider myself a candid photographer.What does that mean? I'm best at capturing the moments of big events that may could easily be forgotten had it not been captured by a photograph. I am not a big fan of staged photography. Don't get me wrong, it absolutely has its value and there are many photographers who are creative and talented enough to make the most beautiful staged shots. I happen not to be one of them....more
what great tips - thanksmore

How to Photograph a Conference

In an interesting turn of events, my professional photography career has led me beyond the field of pretty pictures of food and down the path of events and conferences. I'm not complaining. It may be hard work, but it represents, to me, a chance to apply my photography skills to another field and to capture the dynamism of life in a conference setting. On the surface, conference photography has a rather mundane and unglamorous quality about it. And, to a large extent, it is....more
Thanks, I'm photographing a local conference this weekend and these tips will surely help. ...more