Day 14: Ain't Nobody Got ROOM for All This Paper

Do you have a paperless office? Yeah, neither do I. But I have a "there's hardly any paper lying around" office, and it isn't because I have neatly filed every scrap of paper in a filing cabinet. In fact, I got rid of my filing cabinet in my last move because all the paper I need to file and keep fits in one drawer that is the bottom of my printer stand. Hey. OTHER people like to have paper. ...more

Spring into New Technology With Cloud Based Storage

It is terrific to spring into action by taking advantage of cloud based storage technology. Storage mediums for computers have changed drastically and over the course of the past twenty years. When I purchased my first computer 20 years ago, we used 5 inch floppy disks for storage. Later the floppy disks dropped in size to 3 inches. Later there were jazz drives, portable hard disk drives, compact discs, DVDs, SD card and flash drives available as storage options. Today cloud based storage options are all the rage....more

Syndicating content from Google Plus to Twitter (Bonus: & Evernote!)

Disclaimer: Before you read this and think that this is an endorsement of posting all the same content everywhere you post, absolutely not. While I still would rather be an RSS feed, for now you, can rest assured that if you follow me on Twitter or G+, I won't be spamming either platform with all of the content I feature on the other one :)...more
I love this idea. It helps you control where your messages go without repeating the same thing ...more

Why I Can't Imagine My Life Without Evernote

I love Evernote. There, I said it....more
OMG, where has this been all my life?! This is going to be SUCH a help to me now that I have ...more

A Better Plan for The Social Crafting Business

I'm sure I'm not the only one whose life often feels like one big social network experiment. Like many others, I know that my blogging has suffered at the hands of Twitter. At least once each day, I find myself sharing fascinating links via Facebook. And spending time searching new way to find those links to share - besides other people's Twitter and Facebook links. ...more

Using Evernote as a Recipe Box

The application of the year, in my opinion, is Evernote. Evernote is, especially for people who like to cook, an amazing tool to help manage recipes that you find in various places online. I used to browse so many food blogs and websites that had tons of recipes that looked good, so many that there wasn't time to make them all. If a recipe looked good for a party, for example, but I didn't have a party coming up, I wouldn't know how to save that page and I would eventually forget that I ever saw the recipe....more

... that Evernote copies the recipe you've selected straight onto Evernote? Or that Evernote ...more