Giving room for the vaginas to breathe

Taken from IF mothers know better, then grandmothers know best....more

My Reason For Disliking Miley Cyrus' Behavior Might Surprise You

Everybody's talking about her. Who? The tongue-wagging, twerking, titillating (yeah, pun absolutely intended) Miley Cyrus. Everyone has an opinion an I am no exception. I just feel the need to explain mine so that you understand where it comes from. In this understanding, you will know me and be able to relate to me better as a person, like it or not. I judged her harshly while others in social media defended her and lifted up praises to her holy name, screaming, "She is woman, let her roar!" ...more

No, I Am Not Down Wit' OPP

Naughty by Nature did a song about it back in the '90's. Are you down with OPP? Well, I'm certainly not. Wait, we're talking about the same thing here, aren't we? Other People's Pubes? Sure we are! So, I'm in the shower the other day, humming a little tune and in a generally good mood, when I glance over at the ledge which is supposed to hold innocuous shower stuffs, and I stop cold in mid-songbird. There it was, just staring at me... a pubic hair!Uber-annoying Janice on Friends couldn't have said it any better. Oh. My. Gawd!...more

You're Kidding Me? What the...? I Have What?

If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that I have no idea what's going to happen next. I can plan the crap out of my entire existence and at best, come close.I am going to cease doing an every Wednesday Woo-Hoo. It's been a very fun thing to do, but due to many extenuating circumstances, it's all the writing I'm getting done lately and I need to return to being more broad.That's what you want - more of this broad, right?...more
@Darcie Thanks so much! The Doxycycline did help and my symptoms are nearly gone. I feel almost ...more

WWJD, Part 1 - An interesting church visitor

I swear to you, I have the most interesting life. Ever. It appears to be unbelievable, but alas, here it is in all it's glory, unfolding year by year, story by story... and it's - my - life....more

Someone Used My Toothbrush!

What would you do if someone used your toothbrush? Throw it away? Oh well? Demand answers? Give me your take after reading my blog post on this subject: ...more
 @hiyacynthia I read your post, Cindy, and, as always, it was a pleasurable read. Thank you!more

The Ma'ams-o-gram

I had my mammogram this week. It was humorous enough to blog about. Follow-up tomorrow. Not so funny, but I'll find a way to laugh! ...more

To be (profane) or not to be (profane)… that’s the F'n question: ...more
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Excuse Me, But Are Those Real?

Today, I answer the question for all to see... ok, I blogged about boobs again!   Cindy Brown ...more What a great comment! Thank you! Hope to keep entertaining. My newest post ...more

How Do I Get This Fuzzball Off My Nipple?

It's one of those days...   Cindy Brown ...more
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