We Will Never Learn The Truth About Sandra Bland

In my opinion, we will never learn the truth about what exactly happened to Sandra Bland. I don’t think so unless there are independent investigators who can review unedited source information. When I was an internal auditor, I would review reports and processes against source data. Source data is data that cannot be tampered with, edited, or massaged....more

Day 24 - Breaking News

 Grissom:  That's not what the evidence says.Catherine: Well, maybe the evidence is wrong.Grisson: ...more


Solving mysteries is fun – or at least looks fun when I watch on TV. I use solving a crime as the way to talk about the process of science. The participants have to evaluate the evidence and come up with a plausible explanation. When I want to drive the point home, I don’t give the solution because there is no big textbook where you can check that the results of your science experiments are right. ...more

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

These days, there is at least one crime, law enforcement, courtroom and/or legal drama on every major television and cable network.  With the help of Judge Judy, Jack Bauer (24) and other larger than life characters, we can – in any 24-hour period on any of our 1400 channels – vicariously gather forensic evidence at a crime scene (CSI); retrace the steps of a ...more

Create your own evidence

"You will see it, when you believe it." Dr. Wayne Dyer There is so much evidence in this statement by Dr. Dyer, that reflects within my life, that I have to smile each time I read this quote. Evidence never creates the believe, but the believe creates the evidence. for more visit: http://livingpossibilities.typepad.com/motivation/ ...more