Homebirth should be a Choice, not a Controversy

A recent study published by the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) has shown that for planned homebirth there is no increase in negative outcomes versus hospital birth but there is a substantial decrease in interventions and c-sections.  I was very excited to see that there was finally a well done study showing the safety of homebirth and was hopeful it would finally help put the controversy over homebirth to rest.  Unfortunately, a few days later a second study came out by ...more

Consumer Reports: high-tech births=poor outcomes

Consumer Reports isn't just for researching your next car purchase or washing machine anymore. That's right, that longtime resource for product reviews has broadened its scope to include health and wellness. In a recent article Consumer Reports tackles the topic of childbirth, concluding that "Too many doctors and hospitals are overusing high-tech procedures." ...more

yay for shopping for childbirth methods and approach in the same logical comparison model as ...more