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Alan Hewitt, Keyboardist For The Moody Blues, Set To Release Incredible New Album

Keyboardist for The Moody Blues, Alan Hewitt, is set to release an incredible new album as Alan Hewitt & One Nation. I have always been an avid fan of Alan Hewitt’s work, especially his knack for songwriting. Hewitt is a renowned multi-platinum composer, writer and producer, with lots of years of experience under his belt. I am a hundred percent sure that this next body of work will live up to and surpass all expectations....more

Go Wild

funny evolution shirt at denton tx walmart

Today my fiancee, Cole and I went to WalMart in Denton TX. He was browsing the store for some new pants. I happened to notice a shirt that had two brown deer and one camo deer. The shirt exclaimed survival or the fittest. Lol. Ha ha...more

50 Shades of Race and Unfair Judgment



Jn. 16:12-16 Pierre de Chardin taught of the evolution in the universe with the Cosmic Christ. People fight change, they want the status quo--but things are always changing, and evolving, and I believe that when we acknowledge the evolution of our faith we see the loving, caring God in Christ who loves and accepts all people.  I see alot of suffering, and it is in the love that I see that I see the Christ.Will Tuttle sums up evolution very well: ...more


Mt. 7: 21, 24-27 Change, evolution is a healthy part of life, it makes us who we are, it creates, make's new, begins, ends.  To have certainty is destructive. CERTAINTY

Certainty undermines one’s power, and turns happiness
into a long shot. Certainty confines.


The Problem With the Phrase "Social Darwinism"

Given the long history of racist stereotypes about poverty, and the fact that the public has a lot of misconceptions about evolution, the continued use -- and abuse -- of pseudoscience to promote inequality is a serious concern. Scientists may create words and phrases, but they don't have a monopoly on them; terms often take on different meanings through time, or when adopted by different groups of people. Just because "fitness" or "Social Darwinism" have a troubled past or variable meanings through time doesn’t mean we should avoid them. Rather, it means that we have to be explicit about our usage, and understand the context around such phrases. ...more

Dog Evolving

My dog is a beast of a thing.  I have always agreed with the likes of Aristotle who distinguish human beings from animals on our capacity to think (I know–what a human-centric hegemonic position.)  My last dog after all, although very sweet and beautiful, was not playing with a full deck.  He always thought he was either larger or smaller than he actually was.  For instance, at 80 pounds he thought he was the perfect size to sit on my lap, but he imagined himself so large that a door had to be fully open before he thought he’d be able to get through.  He hated to ha...more
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