Swing Hard (Just in Case You Hit It)

May 22, 2014 ...more

I once said, ‘I will never be THAT mom’

When I look back years ago, I realize now, that I had what I call a ‘new mom complex’. Not all new moms have this… but I definitely did. I looked at many moms around me and thought, ‘I will never become like that’. I really believed at the time that I would be the exact same mother in five years time as I was at that very moment. I would always take my nail polish off when it chipped. My eyebrows would never be unkept, let alone look like the amazon had taken over my face....more

Women's Need

Why is it that most women think that they so desperately need men to come save them from themselves or tell them what to do when they have the answer on their own hands? Why they like to wait around, suffer while they kill that time to realize they can do it on their own?...more

This piece goes to all kinds of relationships not just straight ones because it also applies to ...more

Transmit Love

Love is the master key that opens up every door of happiness. Love, becoming love, is why we are here....more

Confessions of an Insomniac: A new year, a new life

What will you change about your life this year? Each year we all vow to change something about our lives or ourselves. Some of us choose to go on a diet and lose that last 10 pounds. Others decide it is time to pay off debt or find a better paying job. If we depend on a single day to make a change in our lives, then we will never change. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more