The Fountain of Poop

This is for all you parents who have babies in the diaper stage. When Son #2 was about 2 weeks old, he became a little constipated.  I was breastfeeding him at the time and decided to drink INCREDIBLY TALL glasses of all natural fruit smoothies to help him become regular again.  The plan seemed to be working.  ...more

Big Brother Talks About Brand New Baby Brother At Bank

Several weeks after giving birth to Son #2, I found myself at the bank with Son #1.  He was proudly discussing his new baby brother with some of the employees. They asked.  "So how do you like your new baby brother?"  "Oh, I like him a lot!"  He replied exuberantly. "Do you help your mommy?"  They queried. "Well...sometimes."  Son #1 answered. "What does baby brother do?"  They asked again. ...more