Join us for Vegan Vittles, Another Friday Night Excursion at BlogHer Food '13

Join The Blissful Chef (also known as Christy Morgan) and ATX Vegan Drinks at the Austin vegan bar Cheer Up Charlie's where you can rub elbows with local vegans, enjoy fancy drinks or local kombucha, and eat from two of the most...more

Hell, No, We Won't Stay Home: Excursions With Special Needs Kids

We are adamant about taking Leo on as many excursions as we can, to stores, movies, restaurants, parks, and other destinations. He is an able-bodied and energetic boy, and he likes a good adventure as long as we respect the limits of his tolerance. We want Leo to be a boy-about-town so he gets used to being part of our community, and our community gets used to him. ...more

Thank you for posting this.  I have three boys, two with ADHD, and sometimes going out is a ...more