6 Excuses Why You Don't Want to Work Out and the Reasons Why You Still Can

Believe me, I have given myself every single excuse in order to avoid exercising. And when a fitness routine hasn’t been established quite yet, I’m sure we can all agree that’s the time the excuses really start to fly. So whether you’re tired or just plain broke, check out these solutions to stop making excuses and start becoming healthier....more

Use this One Word Switch to Take Ownership of your Dreams

At your Wit’s End? Ready to throw in the towel? This simple mind shift will help you regain control over a hopeless situation and challenge you to create out-of-the-box solutions. The same solutions that will empower you, build your confidence, and set you on the path to achieve your deepest desires. Now THAT’S a powerful shift! Learn the lingo here…...more

10 "I Can't Workout Today" Excuses

This year, I decided I was going to pump up my workout game. I’ve been failing miserably due to the winter blues (and the fact that I’m being lazy). I would get a momentum going (hot yoga 2x a week, a run on the treadmill, a Jillian Michaels DVD or two) and then the long list of excuses started coming on strong…...more

Playdate Excuses

C has a buddy, we'll call him Jack, every now and then Jack's parents call to arrange play dates. First they called to let us know what day Jack's birthday party was being planned for. "Darn," I say, C can't come because he's participating in a bocce festival - you know - bocce? It's a lawn game played by retired Italian gentlemen or drunk college students at Bertucci's. The next time they texted to see if C could come over we were half way up Mount Washington. "Sorry, C can't come over, we're hiking Tuckerman's Ravine. Unusually good cell phone reception up here…"...more

need an excuse?

source: pen & paint on etsy...more

F*** “No pain, no gain.” If it hurts you’re doing it wrong.

 Subtitle: How I learned to stop hating exercise and just sweat it out. Zumba es caliente!!I’m no skinny minny but I do love to work out. Actually what I really love is to shake what my mama gave me (which, thankfully, is plentiful). Luckily there are a ton of work-outs that require just that.I gotta be honest though. I didn’t always Love exercise. It wouldn’t be over-stating to say that I really used to hate it.When I was in middle school we had recess. You know, back when your average public school had the funds to provide a well-rounded education. We also had music class, but I’m digressing. Anyway, cut to Jr. High School where gym became a mandatory class and a change of clothing was a prerequisite.No sooner was sweating required before I started thinking of excuses to prevent having it happen to me…...more

Firing My Excuses

In the past 24 hours two people I know and love have told me the same thing. Basically that I am totally capable of making the changes I need to make and that I need to stop complaining about how hard losing weight is. Annoyingly, they are both right. The reason I know they're right is because they said out loud what I have been thinking underneath all the talk of cake and cannoli. I have been attempting to rationalize something that doesn't need or deserve rationalization....more


I have borrowed a book from the library called "Excuses Begone" by Dr Wayne W Dyer. One of my friends told me that she reads his books for inspiration, so I checked at my local library and I found this book, which I thought could be really helpful. I have not yet started reading it, but I read the introduction and the summary and if it helps me I will definitely let you folks know. ...more


Herman, you aren't ready for prime time politics. Every silly thing, every little oopsie, every hasty remark, each and every one will come up and bite you in the butt when you go into politics. Didn't anybody tell you that?They should have told you, warned you, coached you, so you didn't get blindsided. If they didn't, you need a better group of "they." I'm not very politically savvy, but even I could have coached you better. The weakest response is "I didn't do it." Even if true, it's what you would say if you did it....more

10 Minutes

I wish I had a sense of how many times I'd done any of the following:...more

I haven't--I'd heard of it, but had honestly kind of forgotten about it. I will definitely ...more