Turning Ideas Into Reality: It's All About Execution

Lots of people have great ideas, yet few actually do what it takes for their ideas to see the light of day and come to life. Whether your idea is for a new product, experience you wish to have, or a better way of doing business, you need to transform your vision into reality. Otherwise, nothing happens. ...more
One way I move from idea to execution is to present the new concept as fact, not conjecture. For ...more

Fears of A Black American: Response to the Execution of Troy Davis

Not even a day after the execution of Troy Davis and my fears are realized once again. I am going to take a very personal approach to this topic, so please beware.As a Black American woman, I have to live with many fears & truths about living in this country. America is a great country but it has its' flaws and history (including yesterday) shows that. Couple that with living in the South, and my fears are multiplied....more

Update: Troy Davis Executed 4 Hours After Original Schedule

Editor's update: Amy Goodman at Democracy Now reports that Troy Davis was executed at 11:08PM Eastern Time, after the the U.S. Supreme Court refused to stay the execution for Troy Davis about a half an hour earlier. #RIPTroyDavis was the top trending topic on Twitter following the announcement that the stay had been denied....more
We call this "the information age" because we all have nearly unlimited access whenever we want ...more

Teresa Lewis Executed - For Being A Woman?

Was Teresa Lewis executed because she was a woman? Well, of course not! Teresa – the first woman to be put to death in Virginia in almost 100 years -- was executed because of her involvement in the murder of her husband and stepson. But why did she get the death penalty when her two accomplices – the triggermen – got life in prison? There’s the factual answer – one of the gunmen pleaded guilty and cut a deal. There’s the legal process answer – her attorneys made some bad decisions. There’s the roll-of-the-dice answer: she got a tough judge and some key evidence was not allowed in. There’s the misogyny answer: because she looked like a mean, heartless bitch (in her photos, that is). And there’s the gender answer (the one that is most telling): because she did what a powerful man, whom she wanted to please, told her to do. ...more

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Marj, thanks for pulling all the pieces together.
Clearly she deserved ...more

Ronnie Lee Gardner: If We Are Not Our Brother's Keeper, at Least Let Us Not Be His Executioner

Many years ago, many many years ago, long before some of you were probably born, he was born. I'm told that his own childhood was not that of lollipops and sunshine, but one of violence and abuse and drugs and incarceration. Mental institutions and juvenile detention employed as places to keep him safe from his own relatives. ...more

Throughout our exchange I have not implied or stated that your stance was outlandish. That ...more