Sane Work/Life Practices for Leaders

One of the most annoying phrases ever to be coined was 24/7. What the heck happens 24/7? Human beings aren't built for that kind of demand. Here are some proven leadership practices from an executive for maintaining balance and sanity between life and work. ...more

The Pain of Relocating For A Job - Ask HR Wench

I try to avoid hiring people that will have to move across the country to work for my company. Why? Because it is almost always a nightmare. A nightmare for the candidate, their family and for me. Also: it requires too much paperwork. I hate paperwork. ...more

I know how hard is to relocate , I haven't finished more

What Will It Take To Get You Into This Job TODAY?

So, let me ask you this: A Recruiter calls you (during these tough economic times) and asks you if you would "be open to discuss an opportunity if it were clearly superior to what [you're] doing now". ...more

I'm in human resources and a recruiter tried this tactic on me for an HR job.  I mean, come ...more

Powerful women and stereotypes published a sllide show entitled The Most Powerful Women in IT. also published the Top 100 Most Influential People in IT, and only six out of the 100 "influential people in IT" are women. ...more