A Ten Mile Run

http://www.applecrumbles.com Ten miles at a pace of 9.21.  I’ll take it.  Considering I stopped for photos, it was a good pace. Let’s start this run re-cap with nutrition.  That’s always been my greatest concern when thinking about running longer distances. I began my ten mile run nutrition yesterday and it went like this: ...more

The Life and Times of a Double Stroller

Man, I feel great today!  My joints feel 20-something instead of 70-something.  I took the twins on an off-road stroller walk.  I do not have an off-road stroller.  I have a double Graco stroller that has already been through hell and back in its 14-month life.  One day not so long ago, I was frantic trying to get to the Pediatrician on time.  I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed the Dodge canopy was open to the road.  I cursed as I knew my $300+ stroller was disabled in some country ditch wondering what I had against it.  Some lovely g...more

Duathlon Day in Hamilton

http://www.applecrumbles.com The day began with 1/2 a banana and peanut butter to energize our walk around Valley View Golf Course. ...more

Bloating: A Woman’s Fashion Sense Enemy

Standing in front of your clothes closet and trying to figure out what to wear can be more challenging than most people admit when they feel bloated and uncomfortable. This is not unique to when we are moving through the energy of the moon phases or menstruation. It also happens if we are not regular with our eating habits or exercise routines. Most often we translate the bloating into feeling and looking fat despite the fact we may not be overweight. Such is completely exasperating when it comes to dressing or choosing what to wear....more

On Valentine's Day, The Most Important Heart


Finding My Stride

Four years ago I woke up and realized that I had to change my life.  It may sound silly, but that's exactly what happened. There were no New Year's resolutions, life altering motivations or ultimatums, just an overnight fire in my belly to change. I woke up with hope. ...more

In praise of New Year’s resolutions: I didn’t keep them, but I’m glad I made them.

Maybe it’s a silly gimmick, but as a retiree I need help keeping track of my time. It’s easy to let the days slip by without doing much of anything....more

Three Berry Muffins

http://www.applecrumbles.com After sticking to the running/workout schedule plan for this week, I deserve a muffin!  30 minutes of running while we were vacationing. 2 hours spent snow boarding which counts as cross training on Tuesday.  Wednesday was a 45 minute run upon returning home. That was a tough one since my legs weren’t really with me.  Thursday morning was 35 minutes of cross training (ET), 30 minutes total body weights, and a 3.17 mile run with Shane.  ...more

My Walk on the Wildside

Spent the morning finishing up a couple of articles and when I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed away from the computer for a wilderness adventure... ...more

Thanks for your comment janalynn. It was quite an adventure.


Circuit Training: A Great Idea! (For Other People)

I was thinking that since we're still in New Years resolution season, it might be a good idea to write about How To Get Started With Strength Training. But then I remembered: Whoops, I wrote that post already. So instead I thought: how about discussing circuit training? Circuit training is a clever and efficient way to do cardio and strength training all at the same time! ...more

I'm a personal trainer, so I should know better, but I generally hate cardio. I do it, ...more