5 reasons you must try Zumba

I agree. Everyone should try Zumba at least once in their lives.more

My Journey Back to Cycling

Last year I started my journey back to cycling, the sport that consumed most of my free time during the 1990’s.  Since my doctor forbade me from all things high-impact (which basically covered about 80% of my pre-surgery workout routine) after my 2013 knee surgery, I had to find alternative work out routines for this middle-aged body....more

7 Reasons Why You Need To Try Taekwondo

 I have done every workout ever. Aerobics, step, spin, kickboxing, cross fit, tae-bo, personal training, running, walking, yoga.  Like I said; name it and I have most likely done it.Throughout the years, I have gone through fitness phases, falling in deep like with different things. I have always been active, playing basketball, rollerblading, bike riding. (And walking the beach always kind of centers me.)...more

The Best Way To Slow Down Aging


Let's Get Physical | Lucy Activewear OOTD

Hello, there. How are ya?

Well, this is my first time blogging...so, hi ya....more

I needed motivation and I found it!

I've been searching for motivation to get moving again.  After my last 1/2 marathon, I just haven't been able to find a reason to get moving.  It's been 3 months!  I really needed to get off the couch and do something more then walking to and from my twice weekly excerise class....more

Gym Update #3

First, a confession. I ended up not going to the gym last Friday. I was incredibly exhausted and was a bit wishy-washy about going. In the end, I didn't go, citing my pure exhaustion. Then, on Monday, I didn't go either. I did intend to go, but because I'd been hacked (post coming soon), a bank trip was necessary. Once that was over and dinner was eaten, I just didn't go. The timing was off....more

A to Z Challenge: On Fitbit

I wrote on a previous post how a hike in Yosemiteconvinced me that it was time to startworking on my health and getting back into shape. So I did some research, and around that timea great review c...more

I'm in the February 2014 Woman's Day Magazine!!

Mark your calendars.  Grab the February 2014 issue of Woman's Day Magazine from news stands beginning January 14th.  The ladies of the ...more
Thank you.  I'm extremely excited about the feature.more