Push It: July 2014 Running Report

I’m sitting in my bed, coming down from a two-day 102 fever, binge watching New Girl on Netflix, and drinking Simply Orange straight from the bottle. How’s that for messing with my training. Luckily I haven’t gotten into the really long runs yet. I also have a Blacklight Run on Saturday and there’s no way I’m missing it. So let’s get down to the July running report…...more
Karen Ballum But worth it!more

That Moment

When you get that A-HA.. when everything clicks and you realize THIS is what I was meant to do... I had one of those on Monday evening after I was reflecting on the day and how my 5K trainees did during their workout.  I realized that I love being a Jazzercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Running Coach.  I love being able to be apart of someone's journey and helping them meet their goals.  THIS is what I was made to do. My mom always said to me our steps are already ordered.. God is just allowing us to walk our path.....more
I can believe you and relate to what you are talking about.  I have been in the fitness industry ...more

Exercising (Away) the Demons of Depression & Anxiety

I used to always say that I would only run if chased, but last year I got a good pair of running shoes and would run two or three times per week....more
JennaHatfield  I'm glad you're able to manage your anxiety and depression.  I always have to ...more

Heather Runs Disney

Now that I have a tiara, I’m thinking perhaps I should dress up like a princess and run. Not really. I’m pushing myself to run this year but only for one of the reason Heather mentions below. She got off her bp meds! Oh, and she runs Disney!...more

5 by the 5th February Recap #5bythe5th #14in2014

This week is not going to be a typical week. Today, I’m going to talk about my first race this year… 5 by the 5th. It also counts as my first race for 14 in 2014. Only 13 more to go! I think I’m going to cry (really. not really). I’m also going to post on Friday for Fitness Friday....more

5 Easy Ways To Get Yourself Off the Couch And On the Treadmill

People in our society believe that they can ignore their body.  That they can work hard, achieve career success and drink fatty drinks while taking pills to deal with any health hiccups along the way. This way of thinking is very unwise.  The weaker your body gets, the weaker your mind gets. ...more

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations by ...more