No Filter

 When I was young, my mother would call me "Frank."  Not because that was my name, of course, and she wouldn't have given that name to me even if I'd been born a boy instead of a girl.  It was her way of acknowledging the fact that I had a habit of speaking my mind regardless of circumstance.  She tried hard to teach me to be polite and now that I'm an adult, I do try to be more aware of the consequences of making inappropriate comments at inappropriate times.  I think my inner filter has become better with most topics....more
I actually still struggle with turning my filter off when it comes to adoption. I can correct ...more

Don't Give Up Your Right to Vote

I don't profess to have all the answers to all the ills we are facing at the moment. But I do believe we are moving forward, albeit slowly. And I also believe everyone has a responsibility in that. EVERYONE -- as in you and me. Voting is one small action that lets your voice be heard. ...more

I just discovered that even though I'm registered to vote, I can't. It's because I'm traveling ...more