Letting Go... And Saying Hello

I wrote a piece before Halloween comparing dating to market trends and dubbing myself an expert in market research and following trends. Though I wrote this as nothing more than a mockery on my singlehood, I surprised myself by accidentally summoning a man....more

So...Do you still love them or what?!

Can people actually stay friends with their exes? Now, I mean really friends - Not friends with benefits, not staying together for the kids - I mean actual friends. Before you say "yes" (because that's the best "FU society!" answer that makes us all seem way cooler and way better adjusted then we are). Think about your exes.... ...more

Confessions of a Serial Dater

A girl has to do what a girl has to do. Uhho, you know anytime I say that it must mean trouble !Well I'm still really upset about Cowboy. Did I mention he is a shithead ?! Well I went out with the girls last night and had a little too much fun. I ran into my ex and well....one thing led to another. I thought I would give him a little hands on "action", pulling out some of my best moves....more

Could It Be You're Not The Relationship Kind?

There wasn't much time between the moment my husband and I decided to get a divorce and the moment I moved out. Packing is an incredible distraction. No matter how much stuff you have and how hard it is to find a new place and get some footing on life, there comes a point where your head slows down long enough to think. I've reached that point. I can't stop thinking. ...more

Pop psych for the soul, baby.more

If she's crazy, will I be, too?

In my years of dating since I got divorced, most of the men I've met have described their former girlfriends/wives as being psychos, lunatics, nuts, crazies, wackos, weirdos, kooks and screwballs. This always worries me, especially since I'm quite a few men's former lover and girlfriend and one man's former wife. Were they now all saying the same thing about me to some babe who's thinking she's somehow saner than I am? I know I have a few personality quirks, but I've always thought they could be considered rather endearing. ...more

What about the following perspective?

If the husband is not all the things you mention ...more

When The Friendly Divorce Leaks Into Your Blog

I wanted to write this post on my personal blog, but I couldn't. Why not? Because HE reads it. ...more

It used to upset me that boyfriends didn't want to read my blog. Then I met the man who would ...more

Repeat Offender: Hooking Up with Exes

Sometimes, all you want is something new. Something different. Something to catch you by surprise. For the past few weeks, all I’ve wanted is someone new and exciting and not from our college and willing to sweep me away to experience things out of the norm. ...more

you really should make yourself clear on what you want.  "playing it by ear" in ...more

Don't Dress Ugly For Halloween: A Scary Story!

  Ladies, this has been written for you. And, there might even be some guys out there who will find this Halloween story scary enough to make them think twice before deciding what to wear this Friday for Halloween, too. ...more

Thanks for commenting on my post. You pose an interesting question. I should have remembered ...more

The Ex-Factor

Late this morning while going through my calendar, I realized it was Mack’s ex-girlfriend’s birthday. I reminded Mack to drop her a line as I texted her happy birthday wishes. When I made casual mention of this to my co-workers today, they all thought it was very odd that I was actually friends with my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. ...more

I knew my huz in high school so we dated several of each other's friends over the years ...more

When you haven't gotten over your ex

It's never a good thing when you aren't quite over your ex.  Especially when it's been 7 years since you broke up, especially when you only dated for a few months, and especially when you've been dating someone else for over 6 years. ...more

I left my first husband because of his drinking and the plan was, as agreed with his father ...more