THE BAD GIRL....."Today's Woman" is All Worn Out......But The Bad Girl Isn't......

THE BAD GIRL….TODAY’S WOMAN IS ALL WORN OUT….but the “BAD GIRL” ISN’T…… I LIKE TO CONSIDER MYSELF A “BAD GIRL” but a GOOD BAD GIRL if that makes sense…Yes, on occasion I do like to put on a mini-skirt, high heels, and tease my hair big…..I learned long ago that bad girls have all the fun….They almost always look good and simply look rested….while all the “good girls” seem to look tired and worn out…..but before you grab your husbands and run for the hills….let me explain…..The kind of bad girl I am talking about is really not so bad….actually quite good…....more

7 Tips to Achieve a Haggard and Exhausted Look

Are you getting bored with all the articles telling you to look and feel your best, you need at least eight hours of sleep a day?If you’re like me, you feel you look better with dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes teamed with a sallow complexion.Have you caught your husband lustily eyeing the groggy woman ahead of you at the checkout line, confirming your suspicion that he feels haggard is the new sexy?...more

Pregnancy Symptoms that no one tells you about.

When I first got pregnant, I knew about the morning sickness and the getting fat, but what no one ever told me was about how pregnancy makes you feel AFTER the first trimester. Sure, there are amazing things, like feeling that precious little jumping bean inside you kicking away, but there are a lot of not so amazing things. For example:1. I am exhausted, ALL the time. I feel like this kid is sucking my energy through a straw. I think I could sleep for 24 hours a day and STILL be tired....more


I'm halfway through finals for the summer semester.  Three down and three to go!!I don't think I've felt exhaustion like this since my youngest son was a newborn.  I'm talking exhaustion to the point of sitting at my desk and breaking down in tears because I am just so tired.  My brain is completely, totally fried!!I saw a post from an author friend the other day celebrating that she had done 10,000 words that day.  Oye, the guilt!!  10,000 and I couldn't even manage 100 for a blog post!! ...more

Winding Down

ve finished my first semester of college.  I'm proud to say I didn't miss a single day and I wasn't late to a single class.  Considering I haven't been in school in 33 years, that's pretty good!And my body knows I'm done with the semester too.  I woke up this morning congested, sporting a killer headache and every joint aching.  My body has said "I got you through the semester, now I'm taking you down"....more
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Adultescence: an enabler's view

The newly-coined term for the period of a child's life when his or her parents continue to support and clean up after them, even after they have grown up, is 'adultescence'.  My name is Tofu-Hearted Mother and I am an adultescent-enabler. But I'm on the twelve-step programme. ...more

And It Builds...

I'm lacking inspiration for what to write today. I've been feeling like crap all day. My head just will not stop pounding.I just decided to sit and watch my ultrasound videos. I have no idea why - lord knows it only brings back happy memories that I now wish I hadn't taken for granted. I know that watching the videos just make me sad, even though at the time seeing Finley on screen was always exciting.I'm tired. So tired.......more

What a week!

We made it home from Seattle late last night. Only after stopping for supper. Now, we usually eat at particular restaurants in areas where we are unfamiliar with local eateries. Last evening was an exception. And what an exception it was.We pulled into a restaurant called El Agave Mexican Restaurant. We'd never heard of it before but we were hungry for Mexican food and it was "right there". Well the food was awesome! If you're ever in the Raleigh-Durham airport area, look up El Agave. More than worth it. And our meal was less than $25 for two of us!...more
Hello Debi! It is wonderful to find someone else that likes Miracle Whip. I like the stuff. And ...more


I am finally posting today even though I have absolutely NOTHING to say.  It's funny, I just look at this computer screen and see blank.  My brain is blank.  I think it's because I am tired.  Afton has been home since last Sunday and we were up late when she came in.  Tuesday night I couldn't sleep and got up with her for a few hours to just chat.  Loved that.  Then last night was her show at The Hunt Club and it didn't even start till after 9:30.  YAWN.  Maybe that could explain the blankness that is in my mind....more

To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

You’d think that the answer to this question is a no-brainer, but it really isn’t; not if you live with a chronic illness.Exercise is important, even more so for a person whose health is compromised. But it’s hard enough to find the time, energy, and discipline to exercise when you are healthy; it’s almost impossible when you are living with a chronic illness.For starters, we spend a lot of time at hospitals and doctor’s offices. It really does add up. If I were able to spend all that time exercising, I’d be running marathons – and winning....more