Go Through Your Drawers

 Sometimes it’s hard to get started. You have an urge to write but you’re not sure what. That’s a good time to go through your drawers – whatever form they may take. For me, it’s the files under CK Writing. It’s good to see if you have anything you jotted down that is worth focusing on.Sometimes I amaze myself. Like with the little tiny scene i just found.Brain Secret...more

Confessions of a Teenaged Bitch

I have this friend -- we'll call her "Lisa" -- who has a teenaged son. She told me the teenaged-ness had come on very suddenly, and she was, in a word, maddened by the shift from a child with whom she'd previously had a mindmeld relationship to one whom she barely recognized. ...more

I have a 14 year old daughter. One of the moms said to me one day, "At this stage, you really ...more