What do you think about building spiders for space?

Plans are underway to send giant robotic spiders into space to build huge, web-like structures....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Personal Good News Is Coming 6-24-12

With the help of others, and a concerted effort, your reward for your efforts is in sight.There is so much opportunity and delight in working with others that the enthusiasm in promoting and expansion is almost contagious!Opposing Energies: Broken promises, opposition, unexpected conflictPersonal good news is coming; and if it’s about work - anticipate disruptions and unexpected visitors....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Growth in Awakening 6-11-12

The energetics today are lively!There are lots of ideas to share, and plans to make; however no agreements yet.And it’s a great day to get your head together to find solutions and the possibilities of decisions to be made.Opposing Energies: Loneliness, feeling disconnected, denial.This is a space in ascension that gives one pause to reflect and reconsider withdrawals and resistance in life.(Karma)Compromise in thought and expressions go a long today.Growth in awakening is at a threshold, ready for your commitment....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Taking Responsibility for What You Say and Do 1-16-12

Today brings a good influence for sales people.Having a quick mind with great communicating skills will achieve a great deal.Opposing Energies: inattentive, bored, dissatisfaction, unreliableTake responsibility for what you say and do, and keep busy.In other words, be committed to promises, and follow through.Wide Awake Words™ for today: inspired, communicative, enthusiastic, expansion...more

Marriage: A Dance of Expansion?

I imagine a marriage as a dance of expansion. As one partner grows and changes, the other must as well. And as both partners grow, so does the marriage itself. Expanding.  Breathing in and exhaling out. A living breathing entity that grows with each breath, relaxes into itself with each exhalation. A marriage is sort of like this. Any relationship is really. Husband and wife. Straight or gay. Lover to lover. Dancing, twirling, sinking, swirling. Falling together in union, and pushing away in expansion. Coming back as one in a way that is bigger, more fulfilling....more

Five Habits to Expand Your Thinking

Our thoughts create our reality, so it makes sense that by thinking big, you’ll create a big life for yourself on all levels – spiritual, emotional, and physical.  The five habits below will help you expand your thinking, and as a result, expand your life.  1.  Your choices create your outcomes. ...more