My crazy Expat life.


The Unexpected Challenges of a Paraguayan Newcomer

Just over two years ago, my husband and I had the crazy idea of moving our family many kilometers and time zones away, to the little known country of Paraguay. We had always desired the experience of living a few years abroad, learning another language, and getting some more travelling under our belts....more

Thai Style Fried and Grilled Chicken: Thai roadside specialties.

ไก่ย่าง and ไก่ทอด...more

Stop the Press: We're Moving to China

Almost four years on board the expat train in the multi-layered metropolis of Hong Kong, it’s time to call it a day.I knew this post was coming… in fact I’ve known since the day we decided to pull up stumps and relocate from our home in Australia — that one day it would all come to an end.To be honest with you, the day I stepped foot in humid, heaving Honkers – I already had my eyes on the finish line. I’ll give it two years (at best) I thought, then we’ll go home....more


This weekend marks my two-year anniversary in London. There have been highs, lows, sunny times, and lots of literal grey times, but overall I wouldn't change the experience of being an expat for anything.Before I moved here, I assumed that moving abroad and living in London would be a very similar experience to living in New York, which I did for five years before I moved to the U.K....more

My Spanish Siesta

Santiago de Compostela, SpainLast week, many people ...more

Travelling with Thom-Always an Adventure!

So, I asked him, “Do you have any weapons?” before we left the house.  Why?  Because Thom likes to be prepared and that, at the very least, means a swiss army knife is on his person at all times and could also mean that he has a knife or two in as well owing to his Idahoan “survival” mentality for the many years we lived there in the woods.  Thank God he had to give up the guns when we moved to China.  Having grown up in NYC, he was elated to get some firepower to protect his family in the wilderness when we moved to Idaho…latent mountain man that he is.  Knowing hi...more

Italians are newbies at Halloween, but I’m changing that

Should I celebrate Hallowe’en now that I live in Italy? And so, here I am, in Italy with my very own baby! Now what? Should I just stop preparing for Halloween since I’m in a country where technically it doesn’t exist? No! ...more

Expatriation: Living abroad is as lonely as it is wonderful.

A few weeks ago a friend came to me with questions about raising kids in Europe, and about being an expat in general. She has a two year old, and she may have the opportunity to live and work overseas for a few years. She wondered about our experiences.It was a short conversation, and so we stuck to generalities. I told her what I usually tell people when they ask about our two years in Amsterdam: It was a wonderful, probably once-in-our-lifetime opportunity. We would do it again in a second. (PS. It will be tough, in some ways. And you might be lonely. You should go anyway.)...more
Hi - I found your post really interesting, especially the part about "romanticizing" your expat ...more