This weekend marks my two-year anniversary in London. There have been highs, lows, sunny times, and lots of literal grey times, but overall I wouldn't change the experience of being an expat for anything.Before I moved here, I assumed that moving abroad and living in London would be a very similar experience to living in New York, which I did for five years before I moved to the U.K....more

Book: Karma Gone Bad

The first thing my interpreter told me when my husband and I arrived to GuangZhou, China with a 4-year old boy was the fact that I should organize my schedule to visit the various international schools that were in the neighborhood. Back in 2009-2010, Tian-He district was a hot location for expats from all countries and we ended up there, as well....more

Off to Vietnam we go after the Super Bowl!

It's surreal to think I am enjoying the Super Bowl in Shanghai this morning-Go Seahawks-and then will be eating dinner tonight in Hanoi, Vietnam.  WHAT!  I'm just a simple Midwestern gal.  People like me marry young and never move from their hometown.  Certainly a nice life but not for me.  In this second chapter of my life with the kids all grown up, I chose to risk it all....more

Will Baby Boomers become Expatriates?

Every month a group of middle-aged women business owners, former corporate executives, and non-partisan taxpayers comes together to break bread and engage in civil discourse. Our only rules are to avoid bloodshed, lawsuits, and white zinfandel. This week’s conversation took a surprising turn when one said she had been researching other countries as potential places in which to retire. I almost choked on my American beef kabobs, Idaho potato cakes, and Walla Walla wine....more

I miss my Mum

My cousin is having a baby, it's her fourth, she has three boys, this one is a girl. Due in November, I found out about it on Facebook yesterday.My Aunt has moved house, I'm not sure when, she recently had a fall and is now in hospital awaiting surgery on a brain aneurism. It's tomorrow, or today in Australia. I am hoping it goes well. Found out about that by emailing another cousin whose news I used to know, but the regular information source has been missing for the last nine months....more

Clandestine Piano Concert

A respected European pianist with numerous first place international awards came to our fair city last weekend and played a selection of pieces from Beethoven, Chopin, Scriabin, and Ravel to an enthusiastic audience.In a school gym....more

Celebrating Islamic New Year with Mocktails

The other night, schedules finally meshed, and a friend and I arranged to meet for a drink at a hotel near the soccer field where our kids were having practice together. It's been one of those ridiculous logistics things - the night that I could have a drink, she's busy, and vice versa....more
Thanks for the sneak peek into Abu Dhabi's alcohol policies, very interesting!  I think your ...more

5 Places Overseas Ideal for Expat Living

Retire In Style Blog Have you ever dreamed of living overseas but just didn't know where to begin or what to do? Expat living is very popular for young professionals AND retirees.  Why?  Because it works financially while letting them enjoy a different culture. ...more

The Bear Pit

Raising Third-Culture Children: The Other Side

Todd standing on an ancient Roman column somewhere in Turkey....more