How Not to Set up A Pension

I have learnt a hard lesson through some recent struggles with some BAD financial advice i took. There are many unscrupulous Financial Advisers around, i have always not wanted to take what they say at face value  and do my own research. However, this time due to number of reasons, I did not..and am now paying the price. ...more

Chinese Laundry.

I’ve had laundry on my mind. Not because I have to do it, but because I have NOT had any to do!  We do have a wonderful ayi who works very hard keeping us in clean clothes, but until this weekend, we had very few clothes to wear. Then our sea shipment arrived. All you expats out there are shouting, “It’s like Christmas!”  I’m thinking, “Why do I need this stuff?” I survived just fine on one pair of yoga pants, 3 pairs of shorts, assorted sleeveless tops and sandals....more

Mine is Bigger Than Yours.

Yesterday we went to the Oriental Pearl Tower with our new friends. The Chinese name is Dōngfāng Míngzhūtǎ. It was completed in 1994 and stands 468.0 meters tall (1,535 feet). There are 14 floors and 6 elevators. And half a million people waiting in line to ascend.  It is located in Lujiazui in Pudong on the east bank of the Huangpu River....more

Hot Dried Meat Floss Bags, Green Pea Popsicles and Chicken Feet. Grocery Shopping in China.

When faced with the oft-asked question, “Aren’t you worried about moving to China?” I honestly responded with, “Not really.” I may have been lying a bit.  Honestly, the thought of moving across the world did frighten me a bit, but a lot less than I truly thought it would.  My main concerns were (and are) air quality and food. Yep. Those are two very important issues – especially with three children.  Today I will focus on food. ...more

Away from Home on the 4th of July?


Miss America

Italy: Love it or LEAVE it

After watching the movie, "Italy: Love It Or Leave It" it made me realize that was exactly how I was feeling.  We've been living in Italy since 2008 and I know I love it, but for all the things that drive me crazy, should we leave it? ...more

Visiting Paris; feels like going home...

Strange how a foreign city can feel like home. Paris was, for awhile, and like anyone I fell in love, completely. On return, my first trip since, initially I felt mildly surprised....more

Why I Don't Want to Raise My Kids in Paris

Yes, Paris. City of love. Home to perfect baguettes and croissants. Amazing architecture and everything else you've heard about it. And Paris, home to hair-pulling bureaucracy, ancient rituals and systems, and societal norms mired in tradition. That last line is the reason we don't live there now, the reason -- much to M's chagrin -- we will never live there....more
Thanks for the article. Too many Americans take what we have for granted. Living abroad for a ...more

A Call For The End Of Global Apartheid


Dear Simone,

A common friend shared your blog with me. I read it and was deeply moved. The ...more