Learning to Let Go of Expectations

As I finished packing the last of my college items into the car, my mind was reeling with thoughts about my upcoming adventures. I would finally leave the boring and superficial world of high school, and enter the exciting new world of college. There would be great food, a wide variety of activities all week long, and finally a work-life balance....more

Would You Rather be Right or Happy?

So often in my life I feel compelled to fix things.  Broken things, rusty things, tattered, torn and wrinkly things.  When friends come to me for advice, its hard not to offer up a solution, its the problem solver within me.  Most likely this part of my nature is the reason I am working to become a therapist. ...more
This is SO spot on! I'm horrified at how people feel the need to correct (aka humiliate) on ...more

Is It Possible To Have It All?

Thanks for the jar idea I didn't know how much I needed onemore

the myth of the good mother

Originally posted on KalySullivan.com Seeing as this time of year is often referred to as awards season, let's acknowledge that there is not an award for Mother of the Year. We might hear the term thrown around on the playground when a child is eating Cheetos out of the sandbox or on Facebook when a child chooses to fully express themselves in the Target line, but the reality is, there is no such award. ...more

What I Wish I Knew About Pregnancy - 7 Things You SHOULD KNOW!

As I write this post I'm one week away from my due date. I've almost completed this pregnancy journey! Woo hoo! It's been long and hard. As this was my first pregnancy, everything was new to me. I devoured books on the subject, but even those books couldn't prepare me for some pregnancy things! I hope these help you in your journey so you know more of what to expect....more


I don't think I expect much from people. Past experiences have shown me that I should lower my expectations of people. But sometimes I get my hopes extremely high only to have my feelings crushed. I just don't get it. A person wants to re-enter my life to play a major role and when I need them the most they show no signs that they care. I will say that I haven't asked for the support but I would EXPECT for them to show they care....more

Let's Lose The Stinkin' Thinkin'

Image Credit: SeeminglyOrdinaryWhat can we do about the fact that unmet expectations rob our joy?It doesn't matter if our unmet expectations are reasonable or not -if they are unmet, they can steal our joy. At least that is what I have experienced.Look around. We're inundated with store displays, decorating magazines and Pinterest....more

True Confessions: How I Use Halloween As the Barometer Of My Parenting Skills.

Halloween is coming up fast, and my son still does not have a costume.Choosing a costume for PJ has been one of my favorite parts of parenting. Even though he is a little young for Halloween, and still does not connect with the idea of choosing a costume and playing pretend, I love the theatrics and creative spirit of Halloween....more

Reforming Play-dough: What to Do with Other Peoples' Expectations???

We all do it, we expect things from other people and when we don’t get what we were expecting we feel disappointed. Now this blog isn’t about how we need to keep our expectations in check although that is true, it’s about other people’s expectations of us??? How should we handle what others think about us and expect from us???...more

I'm Doing It Wrong: Better isn't always better

I love lists. I make mental to-do lists every day. I have my "work list"--things I have to do as part of my job. I have my "home list"--chores or errands or repairs that I should do to keep this (rented) apartment in good shape, and to keep us stocked with groceries and living in a clean space. Then I have my "personal list"--showering, getting to the gym, seeing friends, "dates" with my live-in boyfriend (which basically means time to watch Netflix together or browse for furniture we never seem to buy)....more