Romance, Reality and Expectations

I began writing this reply in response to a post written by a very disgruntled wife in one of my fb groups who's husband was once again disappointing her on Valentine's Day. Anyway, I believe her issue is pretty universal, so I decided to share my reply......more

Dual Existence

Taken in Venice, ItalyAs I'm writing this, my roommates' peals of laughter echo from one room down the hall. All 5 of them are in the same room, having what sounds like the time of their lives....more

This time my mother's visit won't cause anxiety

My mom is coming to visit in two days. I can’t wait, and it’s not just because I’m two weeks into this three-week single parenthood stint and I desperately need reinforcements.It’s because for the first time in years, I feel like I will be myself this visit. I’ve lived in another state for 13 years now, and every visit has caused me at least mild anxiety. Some visits have caused a lot of anxiety....more
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Giving up the teenage dream

At 17, I planned out my entire life until age 30: a college degree and marriage by 22 followed by two children (girl then boy), a master’s degree and a fulfilling professional career by 30. My plans didn’t go beyond that, so apparently I was going to drop dead or go insane after that crazy journey....more

Having Kids Changed Me. A Little.

I always knew I wanted to be a wife and mother. That being said, I've never particuarly enjoyed spending time with children. I hated babysitting, holding newborns was terrifying, and I had no earthly idea what to do with toddlers. But, with the confidence of the ignorant, and the determination of a twenty something with a "life plan," I knew I would like my own kids. My husband has younger siblings, his family loved children, and we did a kick ass job raising our dog, so how hard could it be? Turns out, not that difficult....more

The Difference Between Wanting and Expecting

Running the shuttle yesterday, Mackenzie and I drove thru one of the older neighborhoods in our area. You know the ones – with the big, old, huge estates that the people who built the towns used to live in. The houses that are enviable even to those who know the secrets that often live behind the doors. Right on cue, she starts telling me how much she wishes that we lived in those houses and had their money....more
Yes - I too am struggling with this now. Both my 15 year-old daughter and 14 year-old son think ...more

Do You Expect People To Read Your Mind?

If she flies across the country to surprise me on my birthday, I’ll know we really are best friends.If he reaches out to me and shares the details of his challenges when times are tough, and if he calls me to share his good news when things are going his way, I’ll know he really cares.If only she would move in with me after my baby is born so I don’t have to do this mama thing alone, I’d know I really matter to my mother....more

30DOC, Day 6

Sometimes things don't go quite the way you'd planned. All sorts of grand ideas and expectations may have paraded their way through your mind, exciting you with their possibilities, but somehow when the time came for them to be implemented... well, for whatever reason, things just didn't quite work out the way you'd hoped. So what do you do next? The way I see it, you have several choices. Keep persevering until you're able to force things to fit into your preconceived vision. ...more I like that - thank you!more

Mother's Day & New Nicknames

Shadow KrakenThis Mother’s Day was the best one I’ve ever had.&nb...more
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Illiteracy and Current Numbers

Author, poet, freelancerThe newest numbers are out by the government on the growing problem of illeteracy in this country. As I watch reports roll in on the concern of rising cost of higher degrees and college life, I'm reminded of my own second round of university life.When life handed me more than a bushel of lemons, I knew that a better education was needed for any future I might have. Going to college at 30+ years old isn't easy for anyone. Trust me on this one....more
A serious thought on illiteracy. We need to think about it very seriously, the time is up its a ...more