To whom much is given, much is expected. Dear Queen of Spain, I Still Don't Get It...

Original Post commenting on the HuffPost By Erin - Queen of Spain ( ...more

Grace, I am not bowing out. I need a few days off. I will love to visit and re-visit this. ...more

What Breastfeeding Ban? Defending Facebook

This post certainly won't make me popular but I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now goes. ...more
My facebook profile was disabled last week after I posted pictures of me breastfeeding. I was ...more

Because I'm the Mom...

When you just do not have any more patience or energy...just plop those little (or big) terrors in front of the computer screen and play this a few times (or twenty) for them!Because I'm the Mom... ...more

One of my blog readers informed me that this is the talented and lovely Anita Renfroe! ...more

Thinking About Going Back To College?

Going back to college.  Is it a question or a statement in your life?  Just about every woman I know has either considered it or actually enrolled.  Some of my friends participate in degree programs and others participate in "continuing education" classes and seminars at our local community colleges and universities.In Janene White's paper, Adult Women in Community Colleges, she writes about the increase of adult women enrollment in community colleges.  In it she cites m ...more

They had me at $25 Co-Pay, Please - Why I Love Urgent Care Facilities!

If you are a caregiver (caring for a child, elder adult or accident prone spouse), you should know where the closest Urgent Care Facility is located.  Urgent Care Facilities are FANTASTIC and have become more and more popular in both urban and suburban areas. ...more

It isn't always easy to find an Urgent Care facility that takes your insurance though - as I ...more

Flip N' Jitterbug - Love these Easy & Affordable Tech Tools

On more than one occasion, I have been accused of being a gadget junkie.  I admit it.  I do like easy to buy and use gadgets that innovative people invent to make my life just a little bit easier or more enjoyable.  I especially like technology that is inexpensive, easy to use and helpful.  I have recently gone a little gadget happy with two new products on the market and I am happy to give them my very enthusiastic (and completely unpaid) endorsement!PRODUCT ONE - 60 MINUTE FLIP VIDEO ...more

I am pretty impressed by the flip video. With that I would almost *bother*!

All the ...more

Daycare is NOT a Dirty Word!

I love daycare!  Okay, childcare for those of you who feel opposed to the word daycare.  I love childcare!!! I support childcare.  I encourage childcare.  I am proud of each and every parent that has taken the time to carefully review, select and enroll you children in childcare.  And, that includes those of you who have talked one of your relatives into beginning a personal childcare service enrolling only your child "for the short term".  ...more

This post caught my eye because I have been thinking lately about how lucky my youngest son is ...more

Condi #1 in GQ's Most Powerful People in DC - It's a Big Deal!

I have been looking for the blog reactions under the "race" and "women of color" or even "feminism" tags on this week's blog posts, and, I have turned up empty. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place or maybe using the wrong search engines. But, I'm sorry, doesn't ANYONE think is it a big deal that a single black woman has been named the MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN WASHINGTON, DC by GQ Magazine? ...more

I've used several of them in a post I wrote about Obama more

I Worry About Old People

Well, it may not be politically correct but I am trying to get your attention. I worry about old people. A lot. I worry about lonely old people. I worry about depressed old people. I worry about sick old people. I worry about neglected old people. I worry that we are not collectively worried more about old people. ...more

I am very sorry for your recent loss. Caring for and grieving the loss of our parents is an ...more

ExpectingExecutive Furious with Newsweek's Yummy vs. Slummy Article

August 8, 2007 TO: Kathleen Deveney - Asst. Managing Editor, Newsweek; Jon Meacham, Editor, Newsweek CC:Mainstream Media outlets,, the entire Blogosphere FR: ExpectingExecutive RE: Newsweek, August 13, 2007, Volume CL, No. 7. Pages 44, 45. Family: Yummy vs. Slummy ...more

Wow! I truly appreciate and value your gracious words of support. It was my intent to ...more