The Fight - Book Review

The Fight was such an easy and quick read, I finished it in about a week. Yes, even stealing just a few minutes here and there. I really wanted to steal a few minutes here and there. Having enjoyed The Fight by Luke Wordley so much, writing this book review is easy. The chapters flew by so quickly, filled with description enough to pain the picture, but not overwhelming. The action and character development were so clear and engaging....more

My HorsePlay experience

Over the years I have been driven to enhance my knowledge of human behavior and organizational development in an effort boost my own managerial success and to understand why some people are more effective as leaders than others. As a result I have read a plethora of books and articles on leadership, behavior, and organizational change. I have also participated and attended a tremendous number of speeches, seminars, and workshops. Each has added some level of value to my chosen field of study – Leadership....more

Changing Behavior Step 1: Mindfulness

Photo by Martina I did 16 months of ...more

Five Sense Friday #6

Each of our five senses (touch, sight, smell, feel, and taste) help us to learn and understand the world around us. Here's a fun linkup to share your surroundings with us each week. There are those among us who don't have full use of these faculties, so gratitude and celebration for them is certainly in order. Hence,...more