Towards safer work and migration for women

As the UN High-Level Dialogue on Migration gets underway in New York, a new UN Women report details global efforts and persisting gaps for women. ...more

The Fall of Disney's Princesses and What We're Really Witnessing

Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus have all *enjoyed* early fame at the feet of the Disney machine (or in Bynes' case, Nickelodeon), and thanks to our greed for anything they once produced.  And then they’re not so cute anymore.    ...more
@epodonnell I think you're right about social media putting an end to our foolish youth being ...more

The true cost of Cotton

The True Cost of Cotton.Do you ever put your shirt over your head and wonder where is REALLY came from?Well you should!! The noise was deafening and air in the factory in northern Gujarat was so thick with cotton dust it was like a snowstorm at night.Women and girls, some no more than 10 or 11, fed machines with raw cotton picked from the nearby fields....more

What Anti-Trafficking Advocates Can Learn from Sex Workers

For the last year, I've been trying to get my head around different aspects of human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of minors. I've been meeting with a variety of relevant actors, including anti-trafficking advocates, law enforcement officers, researchers, and sex workers. I've talked with survivors and buyers, observed online traces, and scoured the literature. ...more
Thank you so much! I helped in the fight for the decriminalization of sex work in Australia - we ...more

The Other Side of Safety.

There are many times when my daughter and I talk about why I ask her to check in a few times on the nights that she is out with her friends. Even while she is at camp I look forward to a random text or a call letting me know she is okay. She has always been okay, and for that I am fortunate. I begrudgingly let her out of my sight. I know in my heart that she will be fine, but I always worry that something will happen. ...more

Prelude - Mommyblogging; Exploitation or Art?

For the past several months I have been fervently working on a piece about "Mommy-Bloggers", (are we all tired of that title?  Or are you still OK with it?), and the assertions that we exploit our children via either sharing personal stories about raising our children, (this can include day-to-day antics, habits, milestones, and just about any other thing you can think of that your ...more