Jumbo Knits.

Sweaters may feel fresh right now (just like those red cups at Starbucks), but soon enough, we'll all be weary of that jeans-and-a-sweater c...more

Leopard & Green

Pick out what I'm wearing the night before work? Whaaatt? Yes, Kayla, yes, you need to start doing this. I am always rushing around in the mornings trying to get ready and I'm always running late.. typical, huh? I slow down even more when I hit my closet room (yes, closet room). I get caught up in all the beautiful clothes and I think 'ooo I could wear this......more

How Should a 30-Something Mom Dress?

My husband and I were strolling at The Galleria this weekend with the boys, when we passed American Eagle Outfitters. "Wanna go in?" he asked, "or are you too old?" As we peered at the ultra-slender mannequins in the window, wearing denim miniskirts and skinny jeans, I said. "No, the biggest size they sell is a 2!" And yes, I'm too old. First of all, I love American Eagle advertising because the models showing the so-called "Women's" clothes are about 16-years-old. Sorry, if your hips haven't spread, you aren't really a woman yet. ...more
i am 39 and i am truly undecided at times on what to wear...especially when the family goes out ...more