Chanting Verses

When I had to stop working full-time, I joined a comparative philosophy class (very convenient, same lecture and discussion three times a week and three units every week. Could be done on the same day all together or spread over a week. Pretty good arrangement, don’t you think for a person with chronic health problems?). I also spent time reading the scriptures of various religions with guidance from the men and women who are qualified to teach their subject and do so as part of their duties at the monasteries and missions....more

The Resistance: Why Writing About Sex Matters

By telling our stories, we liberate others to do the same. That is the nature of the story. Our voices, in this space, grant permission to others to accept their sexuality, to explore their bodies, to reflect on their own desires and share in their experience. Together, our baby steps carve a direction from isolated ignorance to open discussion, community and learning. ...more

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Anne Sexton – Her Whispers of Inspiration

There was an urgency of somebody or something trying to get my attention. I kept hearing Van Morrison’s Inarticulate Speech of the Heart in my head. Well that and various other song lyrics about pain, love and the search of redemptive peace. Finally, I heard Anne Sexton’s name. I had not thought of her for years. I loved her poetry when I was a teen. I remembered how Anne used words that were her tethers to her world.  A world where madness dominated her life and yet she created solid, beautifully crafted poems. ...more

I learned reading the biographies that later in her career she hired a rock band to provide ...more

My first blog; me and Warren Jeffs and does it change your home?

I have wanted to write about my work and how I arrive at what I do and how I see people's homes in a societal or cultural manner for a very long time.  I have not done so because I am not a writer.  I am impatient, I write the way I speak, and I am not sure that what I say is very interesting.  After reading that female bloggers don't get nearly the attention that male bloggers do I decided that was enough inspiration to my competitive nature to get me going.   ...more

"I am picking out a tiny bit that I find interesting, that I feel says

Procrastination Of Love

"If you love someone you should just say it; or the moment just passes you by", said Michael to Julianne in my all time favorite My Best Friend's Wedding. How true! In the hustle-bustle of life, how many times have we lost the chance to tell someone that we love them. Irrespective of where one is brought up or by whom, expression of love is something not every soul in this world is used to. Isn't that such a sad thing? What is it that stops us from telling our loved ones that we love them? Are we scared that they will not reciprocate or is it just inhibition cause we are not used to it? ...more