Expression …

Often times, when we hear the word expression we think about our facial expression. It is indeed our most basic type of expression. According to, facial expression, “ is an ability latent within us all—never lost, merely forgotten. No government security program, nor any computer network ever likely to be conceived, could possibly match the effectiveness of millions of ordinary people simply making conversation and looking one another in the face.”...more
Another thought just crossed my mind ... writing is also a healing tool for some of us ... way ...more

The Many Reasons for Giving and Wearing Symbolic Jewelry

  Your first piece of symbolic jewelry could have been given to you at your Christening or to your mother to mark your birth. Symbolic jewelry represents or signifies a special occasion, accomplishment, celebration to honour someone, achievement, awareness of a cause or stand. Religious medallions, Diploma's Numbers, Sayings, Keys are examples of symbolic pieces of jewelry. Many are engraved with special and personal inscriptions, including the date to commemorate the occasion. ...more