I Didn't Expect to Breastfeed My Daughter Until She Turned Three

Four years, nine months, two days, and about 11 hours. That’s how long I have breastfed my kids over my (and their) lifetime. And, I am finally (bittersweetly) done. If you would have told me before I had kids that I was going to nurse them beyond one year, I would have said, “Yeah right.” But here I am with a freshly weaned three year old. How in the world did that happen?...more
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5 Reasons I Deserve a Medal for Nursing My Toddler

Breastfeeding. It’s all sweet and dear and precious in the beginning.Or it’s terrible and your nipples bleed and the baby won’t latch and the engorgement makes you feel like a porn star.Whichever....more

My Reluctant Extended Breastfeeding Journey and Nursing My Toddler

If you would have asked me three years ago about my plans for breastfeeding, I probably would have told you that I might try to nurse for 6 weeks. I would have made a face at the idea that I would nurse for a year, let alone PAST a year....more

Women, Their Breasts, and the Power of Choice

From time to time my writings and blog posts are found when an innocent (yeah, right) Googler types in the words “big breastfeeding boobies”. I need not tell you how much I revel in those misdirected moments. I sit in my secret feminist fortress and let out an enormous evil laugh—Bwahahahahaha—as the unsuspecting internet interloper clicks on one of my links hoping to find a good time only to be slapped in the face by…well…big breastfeeding boobies like these:...more

My Parenting Bubble

I thought I lived in a pretty average suburb of Washington DC - but no. Apparently, I live in a bubble.It's a comfortable, gentle, accepting sort of bubble, and inside it everyone I know either feels the same way as I do about parenting issues, or is too polite to mention that they don't. Even my Facebook friends contrive to make me think there is no dissent anywhere: we all appreciate the same hilarious e-cards, we all Like each other's jaded parenting updates, and we all commiserate in harmony when someone's kids are sick....more

Breastfeeding a Toddler

My youngest is 13 months old and "still" breastfeeding. It's not as if I expected him to suddenly stop when he turned one. I also don't have any intention of cutting him off at some arbitrary and magical age. He and I will both know when he's ready to taper off and stop. What this means is that I am now officially breastfeeding a toddler. And that is a whole new ballgame. He's no tiny baby anymore!...more

Mammaries or Mommaries? A Lesson in Modern Misogyny

This is normally not something I will comment on, but I wrote this for another blog and thought I’d share it here. This isn’t just a parenting issue. I feel it affects all women!In the nanny world, you get exposed to a lot of parenting debates simply by proxy. I know more about parenting and children than I ever would know as a general childless person. As such, I find myself reading articles and blogs that have nothing really to do with my stage of life, and articles on the great breastfeeding debate are no exception....more

Hello World Breastfeeding Week!

I never anticipated how much time I would spend talking about my boobs once I became a mother....more

No Nursing Manners For Us, Thanks

As Dylan becomes a toddler, his nursing is getting more physically chaotic. He’s wigglier. He kicks. He fidgets with his hands. Lately he’ll nurse from one boob for 5 seconds, then switch, then back again. He even does this in his sleep sometimes -- which I think is terribly adorable. Kellymom describes possible toddler nursing antics with this list: “Kneading, patting, twiddling, scratching, pinching, grabbing mom’s nose, biting, pulling at mom’s shirt, playing with or pulling mom’s hair, blowing raspberries on mom’s breast, breastfeeding standing up, breastfeeding upside down, acrobatic breastfeeding…” Yep, Dylan does ‘em all....more
I think if it doesn't bother you, all for it. Most of the time I don't mind most of it, but the ...more

Toddler Moms Debunk Extended Breastfeeding Myths

Myth: Breastfeeding will ruin your boobs! Truth: Your breasts will inflate through your pregnancy and engorgement when your milk comes whether your nurse your babies or not! Vanity has been known to get the best of me. I’ll admit it. If you fall in to the camp of women that occasionally puts a little too much focus on the outside instead of the inside, you’ll be glad to know that breastfeeding your kids is not responsible for your boobs going South! ...more
Could not love this more!! I nursed my 1st child until 18 months and I am hoping to go longer ...more