Did You Marry A Cheater? Or, 4 Ways to Tell A Study Is Baloney

Sure, this is a survey of 7,000 respondents, looking at engagement month and cheating. But does it mean that people getting engaged in February, December, and June are going to face a cheating spouse? It's time we looked at this thing with a skeptical eye. And this study has a lot to tell us. In particular, it's got all of the rules that allow you to determine whether the study you're looking at is total baloney. ...more
Fabulous article!  As a sex therapist and clinical psychologist, I too am concerned about the ...more

A Token of Remembrance

They came in shades of pink.  My favorite. Petals so soft, like whispers, blushed shyly from where they nestled against the leaves. Like a bride on her wedding day. Enchanted, my lips began to form a smile; a contented sigh on the brink of escape. “... I don’t love you... I haven’t, for a long time...” Flimsy whims shattered like broken glass. Their jagged edges pierced through my skin, shooting pains and despair into my veins. One pink bloom for every empty promise.  A token of remembrance for a love long gone....more